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September 2018 Bullet Journal Setup | Plan with Me

It’s a new month, which means it’s time for a bullet journal progress report. I’ve switched things up for September after a great deal of YouTube tutorial watching and Pinterest inspiration. From July and August’s spreads, I realised that bold colours weren’t for me and I prefer a minimalist, subtle layout. Without further ado, here’s my September 2018 bullet journal setup. It’s never too late to start a journal, so get a notebook and pen at the ready and plan with me.

September 2018 Bullet Journal Setup


September’s layout is influenced somewhat by my birthday at the end of August and just not being able to resist stationery generally. Recent additions include the Stabilo Boss pastel highlighters, TomBow Fudenosuke pens and washi tape. I blame Pinterest for all aforementioned items.

The pastel pink highlighter provided a theme for September. The beauty of using highlighters is that you can write any headings such as days of the week and highlight them to create a title effect, but still have lots of space left on the page rather than drawing boxes etc. for each day.

september 2018 bullet journal setup title page

The downside is the bleeding at the end of a pen stroke. After I’ve completed my Leuchtturm1917 journal I might try another make and see what happens. Apart from that issue though, the Leuchtturm1917 is a great journal.


Unlike July and August where I had the recurring leaf/balloon design, the September 2018 bullet journal setup steers away from this as I wanted to try out different styles.

Pinterest posts inspired the title page, and the wreath is easy to draw and looks pretty at the same time. I opted for a smaller calendar underneath the wreath as I realised I didn’t use my calendar pages much before, so decided to save some space and include in the title page.

The next double page features a washi tape display and a Winnie the Pooh quote. After loving the new Christopher Robin film and with my year abroad approaching, I thought this quote worked well. Curved corner borders also caught my attention recently, so a quote was the perfect opportunity to include some.

winnie the pooh quote september 2018 bullet journal setup

washi tape september 2018 bullet journal setup
The Diabetes one is from a French newspaper themed washi tape!


The weekly plans are more minimalist this month. I prefer the spacious look. It makes me feel more organised. After my birthday, I added this beautiful map washi tape, as it compliments the pastel pink theme and the travel aspect of September.

weekly plan september 2018 bullet journal setup

My blog spread is staying the same. I find it easy to manage this way. I have taken my goals up a step and included blog and Pinterest views too. I’m not too fussed about reaching them, but it helps give me something to work towards.

That’s it for my September 2018 bullet journal setup! If you have any suggestions for October, then let me know.

september 2018 bullet journal setup
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  • Abbeylouisarose

    I always love getting INSights into people’s bullet journals and yours is no exception! I love the pastelpink highlighter – your birthday PREZZies are definitely bring put TO good use! Doing clean spreads for blog plans and goals must leave you feeling really inspired and motivated, I have been wanting to make a bullet journal of my own for the longest time, I need to start one!

    Abbey xxx

  • Jenna

    Great post! I had a bullet journal last year but i decided to just get a planner this year 🙂 I love this setup!! Thanks for sharing!
    -Jenna <3
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