the future of my blog

The Future of My Blog- You Decide

Gosh, busy day today. I thought this post would have to go up tomorrow, but I thought I’d do a Wednesday post before the new schedule (Monday and Thursday) kicks in next week. I’m debating the future of my blog and have decided to change things around. The reason? My year abroad.

Plans are really switching up a notch as I prepare to move to France at the end of September. I’m feeling a combination of excitement and nervousness right now.

The Future of My Blog

In an ideal world I would love to continue posting 3 times a week, but with my language assistantship and experiencing all that France has to offer, 2 posts is more realistic and hopefully something I can keep up with!

This summer has been a joy in terms of blogging, so I want to continue the journey to the best of my ability and 2 posts suits this more.

Blogging on my Year Abroad

Having said that, my year abroad will hopefully supply a great deal of fresh content. I don’t want to bombard everyone with year abroad posts if that’s not cup of tea. Therefore, I’m giving you the opportunity to decide this one (hence, why today’s post is shorter).

Should there be 1 year abroad post a week and 1 normal (aka not year abroad)? Or do I post year abroad updates a couple of times a month? Should I start a free WordPress blog with a link on this blog purely for year abroad content with added French posts?

Content conundrum

Adding to this, is there any content you’d like to see more/less of in general? I’ve recently thought about getting rid of the fashion/beauty side of things and focusing on lifestyle/blogging/mental health pieces. This seems to be where my blogging adventure is taking me, but if you’d love some more fashion/beauty posts, then just give me a shout.

the future of my blog
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I’d love to hear what you, my readers, would like to see on this blog. So please, comment on this post, email me, or get in touch on social media.

I want to bring the best possible content to my blog.

Megan x

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  • Em is Lost

    I’d love to read year abroad posts!! I think it’s okay to post them on this blog as starting a new blog can sometimes be difficult to grow an audience and they’d sort of fit in with lifestyle sort of posts??

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