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  1. I love blogging because I love writing and sharing stories to people β™₯️ this is such an informative and honest post! I love it!

    • Same! I wish I’d taken more time and built up to a launch. I’m still in the process of sorting out posts etc. and I’m definitely going in the direction of lifestyle/mental health posts rather than beauty and fashion. I think some things you don’t realise until you start your blog though X

  2. Loved this post Megan! It will be so helpful to bloggers of all stages. Tbh I’ve never looked at the RT + Follow giveaways like that, I’ve done them all through my blogging journey and have actually found some amazing friends that way, I tend to actually follow bloggers back though once they follow me & I never see it as a way to increase my following, I always put the follow option simply because I would much rather one of my followers win it as they have supported me and got me to where I am today. I guess it’s a preference tbh I do however have Another part of me though that doesn’t agree with holding a new one every week/month, but I don’t judge, I let people do what they do because it’s up to them and they know what’s best for them at the end of the day. I’ll always do them on big events, like chirstmas/blog birthday.


    • Ah thank you for your opinion. I guess I just I’m seeing more of them, although I completely understand if you’ve worked with brand and they want to do a giveaway. If you’re doing a giveaway purely to get more followers, I’m not sure I agree with it, I’d rather do it by engagement. I just think with follow and RT giveaways and follow trains, my Twitter timeline is starting to look repetitive. Definitely for Xmas or a blog milestone it’s a good way to give back to the blogging community though Xx

  3. When it comes to a webhost , who do you recommend? I been trying to find a good one but didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it.

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