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  1. Ah I really like the idea of a bullet journal, but i know that if i don’t get it just right it would frustrate me haha!
    congrats on going self hosted! I’m thinking about doing this in September but i have no idea where to start!
    Sophie x

    • I hear you! I’ve messed up quite a few times and had to stick new paper over the top! I was scared about going self-hosted but I decided to take the leap! There are a lot of helpful resources and the self-hosted plugins are amazing! xx

  2. Ahh i so wish I had the creativity, neatness and motivation to create a bullet journal! they’re so pretty and i’d probably end up doodling all over it too. i’d be the same with the mood tracker, i’m all over the place, haha! absolutely love how neat and cute this is!
    Alice Xx

    • Thank you so much! Honestly I’m no artist, I like sticking to neat and simple designs. I feel like bullet journals have now become works of art and I find it intimidating. When you look back at what the original bullet journal is like, it’s just a list of bullet points for each day!

  3. I’ve Never tried a bullet joUrnal mYself, it seems a Great way of caPturing your thougHts! Happy birthday for this month, it’s my birthday this month too! 😊

    • I’d recommend it. A great chance to stay organised and be a bit creative if you want to. Happy birthday for this month too! 😊

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