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It’s bullet journal time! Today is a continuation of my bullet journal adventure. If you don’t have a bullet journal, but want to start one, there’s plenty of inspiration out there. Never fear though, you don’t need to be a master of brush lettering or an artist to start one. I am proof of this.


The major blog news this week, I am now self-hosted! How exciting! I’m looking forward to improving my blog quality and having access to some much-needed plugins. My new site is pretty much there, but I need to make a few tweaks such as changing A LOT of feature images, so if you come across a random photo of someone who isn’t me, don’t be alarmed, I’m working on it.

Getting my act together

To go self-hosted, organisation was key and having my bullet journal has helped me so much. I knew the weekend was the best time go self-hosted as I’d already scheduled my grandad’s visit in my bullet journal. I have been able to spend time with my family, while SiteGround done the transferral work! 

August’s bullet journal design


I opted for a bright pink theme which is perfect for summer. August is also my birthday month, so the odd balloon drawing sneaked in there. 

The title page, like July, is quite simple. I’m a minimalist, therefore the balloons and a checked border tested me enough. The pink and black combination runs throughout, but this time, I reduced the number of drawings and chose a banner design. Apart from the odd pen smudge, the result proved a success. I like that there’s more space, and although most of the weekly plans don’t have a notes section, there’s enough room to add notes every day. 

Blog Posts and Goals Spread

My blog posts and goals spreads are similar to July. I haven’t set myself too many blog goals, due to going self-hosted. This is a learning curve and the extra pressure of goals was unnecessary. After reading Notes on a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig (review to come), I realised how I, like so many people, was sucked into the vortex of likes, follows, and views. Therefore, I decided not to focus on targets like that as much. 

That is the entirety of my August section. I still use my Blogger RT Accounts and Twitter Chats page in July regularly, and I recently joined a few Pinterest group boards, so a bullet journal page to keep track of them is not a bad idea!

What I’ve not included in my bullet journal

The norm with bullet journals seems to be a future log or a mood tracker. These have not made it to my bullet journal as of yet. What with last minute year abroad organisation, due to schools closed for the summer, planning out the next few months is hard. 

As with the mood tracker, well, my mood can change throughout the day and I’d constantly change the colour of the box (or however you decide to display your tracker) through the day. What’s more, I can keep track of my mood without writing it down. 

If you have any ideas for September’s bullet journal design, then let me know. I am thinking a travel/French theme in honour of my year abroad, but who knows!

Megan x 


  • Sophie

    Ah I really like the idea of a bullet journal, but i know that if i don’t get it just right it would frustrate me haha!
    congrats on going self hosted! I’m thinking about doing this in September but i have no idea where to start!
    Sophie x

    • meganelifestyle

      I hear you! I’ve messed up quite a few times and had to stick new paper over the top! I was scared about going self-hosted but I decided to take the leap! There are a lot of helpful resources and the self-hosted plugins are amazing! xx

  • Alice

    Ahh i so wish I had the creativity, neatness and motivation to create a bullet journal! they’re so pretty and i’d probably end up doodling all over it too. i’d be the same with the mood tracker, i’m all over the place, haha! absolutely love how neat and cute this is!
    Alice Xx

    • meganelifestyle

      Thank you so much! Honestly I’m no artist, I like sticking to neat and simple designs. I feel like bullet journals have now become works of art and I find it intimidating. When you look back at what the original bullet journal is like, it’s just a list of bullet points for each day!

  • Kathy

    I’ve Never tried a bullet joUrnal mYself, it seems a Great way of caPturing your thougHts! Happy birthday for this month, it’s my birthday this month too! 😊

    • meganelifestyle

      I’d recommend it. A great chance to stay organised and be a bit creative if you want to. Happy birthday for this month too! 😊

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