Blogger Interview #11: Captain Optimist

Hello everyone! Hope your weekend is going well. Today’s interview (and the penultimate in the series) is with Becky from Captain Optimist. Originally, Becky chose to do the profile option, like my interview with Honestly Lau, but her response was so brilliant, that we are going to hear from Becky herself and let her tells us a little bit about her blog ( with a few questions thrown in by me) !
So, Captain Optimist was originally started as a place for me to write about parenting, but quickly turned into a more journalistic outlet, where I could use my platform to comment on current events. After I was diagnosed with depression, I realized that it could also be a place for me to write about that journey. So, it’s never been a typical blog. I like to write about things that I think are important, that people need to be talking about. I’m big on backing up what I talk about with research, whenever I can, because I think it’s incredibly important when sharing opinions that they be informed.
TL;DR? Basically it’s a catch-all for current events, mental health, parenting, and whatever I feel like ranting about.
Twitter or Instagram?
You can find me on Twitter @captnoptimist and on Instagram @captainoptimist.
Favourite blog to read?
Funny enough, my favorite blogs should have clued me in on my depression long before I was diagnosed. I’m a huge fan of Jenny Lawson (The Bloggess) and Linda Sharps (All and Sundry). I’ve been reading them for years, and I loved Allie Brosh’s blog (Hyperbole and a Half) of course she’s taking care of her brain now and that’s more important. I do like discovering new blogs, but it’s important that they be real. Talk about real things, tell me how you feel. If you can make me laugh, bonus. I’ll check out a fashion or recipe blog every so often, but the ones I come back to regularly are the ones that share their soul with me. And that’s what I try to do.
WordPress or Blogger?
I’m a WordPress gal. I actually tried to self-host to when I switched over from BlogSpot, but it was just too much to deal with, mentally, and it’s 1,000x harder to get readers. WordPress is very user-friendly.
Best thing about being an optimist?
Best thing about being an optimist? I’m actually not, haha!. I did a production of The Diary of Anne Frank in high school, and played Edith Frank. We spent so much time on that production, we all started to go a little crazy, but Anne’s lines were all written to be so obnoxious. Constantly pointing out what everyone was already aware of. So she earned the name “Captain Obvious.” Edith was constantly doom and gloom (which…I mean…you know…makes sense) and so was dubbed “Captain Optimist.” I tend to have a cynical worldview, so I adopted the nickname as my own and it’s been mine for…17 years now.
Describe your blog in one word. 
My blog in one word? Tumultuous.
Thank you so much Becky for your wonderful words. How I have only just learnt what TL;DR means, we’ll never know. Haha! 
Megan x 

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