Blogger Interview #10: Myyeka

Hey everyone! Ready to discover some more wonderful blogs? We’re on interview 10 out of 12 so far in this series, and whilst it’s sad to think that there are not many left right now, I’m definitely planning another series like this for the future. It strikes me how blogging enables you to connect with people, whether that’s from your own country, or halfway across the world. It’s time to find out what being a blogger is like in Nigeria with the lovely Yeka from Myyeka. 

 1. How did your blog start?

Ever since I was a young girl, I always loved to write and dreamt of having an outlet to my creativity. I tried blogging a couple of times in my early teenage years but I couldn’t really understand the concept, didn’t know what I wanted to write about and so I couldn’t grow. I went back and forth to different blogs till I decided to start afresh. Before I did, I made sure to research, plan my blog and learn almost everything I needed to learn about starting a blog. That was how started and my first month blogging gave me quite an impression that I can do it.

2. I noticed you’re from Nigeria, what is the blogging community like there?
The blogging community here is not very vast, there aren’t as many bloggers in my blog niche. The majority are into news, tech and entertainment, in which they are not as welcoming to each other. The few bloggers I have found in my niche are very supporting, welcoming and they are all about growing together. Whenever I encounter any blogging problem, they’re always there to guide me through.
3. What is the 1 piece of advice you would give to other bloggers/people wanting to blog?
Blog about what you like, don’t go blogging about what you feel is hot right now or what’s making big hits. I believe when your heart is in it, it’s easier to connect more with your readers and you will never be lost on what to blog about. When you write about what you love, there can never be an end and you will find yourself enjoying it. Do you, nothing else but you.
Another thing I want to clarify, there is no competition when it comes to blogging. A lot of people are scared to start blogging because they feel there a many bloggers now. There can never be too many, what you have to offer no one else has it.
4. Is there a blogger who inspires you and why?
I love bloggers who are innovative and true to themselves.
This blogger inspires me a lot. Her posts are innovative and she always stays true to herself. It’s amazing how she finds time as a student to blog and somehow I always find an excuse to delay.
5.  Name 3 blogs you are addicted to at the moment. 
I won’t say I’m addicted but these are the few bloggers I look forward to their new posts. – She blogs about natural hair. I love how she creates beautiful illustrations and I’m an art lover. she blogs on beauty, lifestyle and travel.
6. If you could only use 1 social media platform, what would that be and why?
It would have to be YouTube. It’s a great creativity outlet and you can never be bored on YouTube. I haven’t really tapped into it but I intend to.
I’m someone who likes to contribute to anything I benefit from. I benefit a lot from YouTube and can’t wait to start making contributions to it.
7. What blog post are you most proud of and why?
I’m most proud of this post because it really got to me while writing it. I spoke on areas a lot of people including myself are guilty in when it comes to compromising our efforts.
8. What future hopes/aspirations do you have for your blog?
I want to have more engaging readers. I want to build a community there for people to get help, I want to deliver great content and I look forward to having my own application.
Wow, thank you Yeka for taking the time to answer my questions! To see more Myyeka content, head to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest!
Be sure to come back tomorrow for an interview with Captain Optimist!
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