Blogger Interview #9: A Winter Escape

2nd interview of the weekend is here! It was an absolute pleasure interviewing Amelia from A Winter Escape. Let’s see what amazing things she has to say!
1) It must be hard to pick as a travel blogger, but do you have a favourite place you’ve visited so far?
I have a few, but they’re all for different reasons. Vietnam is important to me as it was my first overseas trip, and I went back for work and loved it even more. The people, and the food they create, are incredible. Edinburgh is also important to me as I had been traveling solo and having some struggles and then when I got to Edinburgh, it was like I suddenly felt at home. I’ve never felt a sense of belonging like I did walking the streets of Edinburgh. South Africa had a similar vibe too.
But most importantly, my absolute number one, must be Fiji. When I was 19-20, I went through a really dark time. I lost some very close relatives in pretty awful circumstances, and had some really awful relationship experiences. I sunk into a really deep depression. Hours would go past without me even noticing that I’d been staring at the wall. At its worst, friends had to come and physically shower and dress me for me to get anywhere. Through hard mental work, therapy, and medication, I turned things around (though I still struggle a little every now and then). But for my 21st, my parents pooled together a bunch of money to send me away. They said “it has to be somewhere tropical where you can relax and heal!” So off I went to Fiji with a girlfriend. I snorkelled, I flirted with boys, I danced til 4am, I napped, I explored, I met locals, I ate about 100 tons of fresh seafood. And I journaled. And I started to feel so much better and gain so much clarity. A year later I went back on a work trip and the place was just as amazing… and a couple of years after that I got married there. I stood in that place, marrying the love of my life, knowing I could weather any storm that came my way.
And that was a very long-winded way of saying that Fiji is wonderful.
2) What tips would you give for people wanting to travel on a budget?
My number one thing is don’t eat out all the time! Most hostels will have some sort of facility where you can prepare a simple meal. Go to the supermarket and stock up on sandwich stuff and snacks, like a bag of apples, and pack your bag each day. That way you can have breakfast and lunch on the go and it’s only dinner you need to worry about.
And always take advantage of duty free alcohol haha.
3) Name 3 blogs you are addicted to at the moment.
I’m loving The Blonde Abroad, Wander Luluu and The Desert Carnation at the moment: these blogs are absolutely gorgeous and they are motivation for where I want to be with my blog in a couple of years’ time.
4) If you could only use 1 social media platform, what would that be and why?
Ehhhhh… I would have always said Instagram but it’s So. Much. Effort! If not using insta didn’t affect my blog reach, I would actually say Twitter. I’ve never been into it but lately I’ve actually started to figure out and it’s so much fun! It’s also what social media is meant to be (in my opinion anyway) just social. You can talk to strangers like you’re old friends and there’s no pretense.
5) What blog post are you most proud of and why?
Probably one I wrote recently on Madagascar. Just because people are reacting really positively to it and saying “oh, I’d never even thought of going there but now that you mention it, it looks awesome!” and that’s what I want to bring to the world with my blog.
6) What future hopes/aspirations do you have for your blog?
I want to turn it into a business definitely. I have ten years’ experience in the tourism industry and I want to leverage that to help tourism boards promote their destinations. I’m a huge believer in the power of tourism to promote positive social change.
7) What are your thoughts on solo travel? Empowering or lonely?
Empowering! It was the best thing I ever did. I don’t travel solo these days because I’m married and I have two little boys, but I’m so proud of the times I travelled solo. If you’re unsure about it though, go with a friend that way if you guys don’t agree on what to do one day, you can split up and meet back later and then you get the freedom of doing your own thing, with the comfort of knowing someone too.
Travel bloggers I hope you’ve read all that! Some fantastic travel tips and destinations to visit!
Megan x 


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