Blogger Interview #6: Mombie Diaries

Who’s ready for another blog networking weekend? I know I am. Today I have the pleasure of sharing my interview with Charlotte from Mombie Diaries. She’s the creator of the #anxieteaandme campaign, which you will recognise from my earlier post. Let’s hear from Charlotte!
1) You’ve talked openly about anxiety on your blog, something which I admire. Would you say there are any misconceptions about anxiety that people need to be more aware of? 
I think a lot of people are ashamed or embarrassed at the thought of having anxiety, parents in particular may think it means they are a bad parent so avoid getting help and admitting they have a problem. As a parent your body and mind goes through such a dramatic change, you naturally have more worries and stress which is a big cause of anxiety. Having anxiety doesn’t make you a bad parent in the slightest.

2) Do you have any tips for juggling parenthood and blogging?
I personally find i try to do most of my blogging via Instagram, by doing this it means i can build my following and reach out to new people on a daily basis at the click of a button while my kids are awake. I usually do my vlogging/ wordpress blog posts either when the kids nap (which they don’t do very often anymore) or in the night.

3) Name 3 blogs you are addicted to at the moment. 
my favourite 3 bloggers at the moment are mumblebees, _jadebowden and thecoastalmummy 

4) If you could only use 1 social media platform, what would that be and why? 
Again that would have to be Instagram, I feel comfortable using it, there’s a big community of like-minded, friendly people and it’s so easy to connect with other people.

5) What blog post are you most proud of and why?  
My #anxieteaandme campaign most defiantly.  I feel it’s for a good cause and I hope to help people who are struggling with anxiety, it’s very close to my heart. If I can help just one person realise they need help or just know they’re not alone it will be a win!

Photo from Charlotte!

6) What future hopes/aspirations do you have for your blog? 
I’d love to be a well known blogger, I’d love to do a lot of work to help others so maybe more awareness campaigns (depending how well my first one works) and eventually I’d like to turn my blogging into my own book.

7) Last, but not least, favourite Harry Potter character? 
This is a tricky one! I have so many favourites, I think if I had to choose just one person it would be Ron. He’s bit of a wimp but will do anything for his friends/family, he’s loyal, hilarious and boy can he eat! Also he’s a ginger like my little boy.
Thank you Charlotte for taking the time to do this interview. Here are links for more Mombie Diaries content:
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Don’t forget to come back to the blog tomorrow for my interview with Laura from Cornish Maid. 
Megan x 


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