Blogger RT Accounts and Twitter Chats

Hey everyone! As promised, I am sharing my list of blogger RT accounts on Twitter. I did a bullet journal page on this, but it got quite messy, so I thought I’d post them on here instead. Retweet accounts have been a life saver in the world of blogging and provide a great platform to get your work out there.

I’ll try and update this list as often as I can. Of course, let me know if you have anymore suggestions of accounts I should add! Bear in mind some accounts only accept hashtags, not tagging, so I’ll add the hashtag when necessary. This list is very long, but hopefully it means you can vary your RT accounts and not spam only one or two! There are usually rules involved too, such as you have to follow the accounts, which is 100% worth as you can discover new bloggers and promote your own blog.

@fashbeautylife #fblchat

@theclique_uk #TheClqRT

@InfluencerRT #influencerRT


@BeeSocialHive #beesocialhive

@BLOGGERSCIRCLE_ #thebloggerscircle




@BloggerKind #BloggerKind

@blogger_babes_   #BloggerBabesRT


@thebloggercrowd #thebloggercrowd

@BloggerLS #BloggerLoveShare

@LittleBlogRTs #LittleBlogRT

@bloggerclan #bloggerclan

@BloggersTribe #BloggersTribe


@BloggersintheUK #BloggersintheUK


@BloggersSparkle #BloggersSparkle


@thebloggeredit_  #thebloggeredit


@Cbeechat #BeeChat



@TeacupClub_ #TeacupClub




@BloggersLifee #bloggerslife

@girlsonlychat #girlsonlychat


@thebloggershub_ #thebloggershub


@BloggingGals #blogginggals

@FierceBloggers #FierceBloggers

@QualityBlogRT #qualityblogRT

@GRLSWhoCreate #GWBchat

@soulblogsRT #soulblogsRT

@BloggingBridges #BloggingBridges



Phew! That was a long list, but certainly a useful one!

Another great way to meet and engage with other bloggers are Twitter chats. I’ve found a few of these to be very helpful. (UK time)

@influencerRT Wednesday 8pm

@GRLPOWRCHAT Tuesday + Sunday 9pm

@Cbeechat Monday 5pm + Thursday 9pm

@TeacupClub_ Monday + Thursday 5pm (Club meeting and comment swap)

@PLBChat Tuesday 7pm + Saturday 6pm

@girlsonlychat fortnightly Friday 7pm

@BethanyandBooks #bookfanchat Saturday 6pm

@GRLSWhoCreate Sunday fortnightly 8pm

I hope you find these resources as amazing as I have!

Megan x





3 thoughts on “Blogger RT Accounts and Twitter Chats

  1. Lisa's Notebook says:

    This is very helpful, I’m bookmarking this to refer to later! I do find that @FemaleBloggerRT NEVER retweets anything I post, but I’m trying not to take it personally 🙂 And I really want to try and get back into Twitter Chats as well, I used to love them but I don’t seem to find the time any more so this list is great, thank you. xx

    Lisa |


  2. abbeylouisarose says:

    Lists like this are so soooo useful! I always struggle to think of which RT accounts to use when scheduling tweets so a post like this is a lifesaver! After all, it’s better to mix things up rather than just tagging the same old accounts every single time! @sotonbloggers is fantastic at RTs as well and they don’t just share posts from Southampton folks so they’re definitely worth following! And just a little heads up, the #TeacupClub on Mon and Thurs at 5pm isn’t a chat, it’s a comment swap meeting! Thanks again for this handy resource!

    Abbey xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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