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  1. I love seeing what other people have been loving! I have been really into reading lately. I mean, I read all the time anyway but I’ve been really into what I’ve been reading lately, so much so that I struggle to put my book down! I have to admit though I struggled with my bullet journal, I gave it a few attempts but just gave up on it. I think I struggled with the mindset that it has to be beautiful, plus I prefer something a little more structured.

    • Nooo don’t give up! I’m keeping mine very minimalist as I’m not the best minimalist and it’s become more and more messy and filled with my scribbles! It’s a way to keep organised with a layout that suits you. It can be really structured if you want xx

  2. June absolutely flew by for me as well, I can’t believe that this year is already halfway over!! It’s crazy! It sounds like you had a really positive month, especially on the blogging front! Well done you for getting so many posts out, I’m sure you’ll be killing it even more now you’ve got time during the summer holidays! I tried bullet journalling once but I spent more time colouring it in than actually using it as a journal haha, I need to pick it up again! I really want to invest in some new nail colours for my holiday next week so I’ll have to check out Maybelline’s range!
    Abbey xxxx

  3. I’m so glad you’ve got your blogging mojo back, that’s wonderful. I started a BuJo in February and it’s been so helpful for blogging purposes, I don’t know how I managed before, haha. That Maybelline colour is gorgeous, I’m always looking for a perfect nude shade and this one is perfect – time to go shopping! x
    Lisa | http://www.lisasnotebook.com

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