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  1. I love reading blogger interviews, they’re always a nice way of getting to know others in the community! Chrissie’s blog sounds fab, I love reading book bloggers even though my TBR list expands sooooo much every time I read their posts haha! I’m definitely with Chrissie on the favourite social media front, I don’t use FB that much any more because Twitter is just so much nicer! I also prefer it to Instagram because engagement is way better on Twitter. I hope you find some time to read for fun soon, Megan!
    Abbey xx

    • Hi Abbey, thank you for your kind words. I hate that I have to work, if I could I’d probably lock myself in a tower (Rapunzel-like) and read as much as possible. Hope you find the time to enjoy your reading again.

  2. I love reading interviews with other bloggers, it’s such a good way to help others get exposure and I find so many good bloggers this way. I am a huge reader and I definitely agree that I don’t know many people who do read that much which is quite sad. I am also hoping to write my own book, I might be tempted to start off with writing short stories and taking it from there. I love to share my love of books on my blog in the hope that I can inspire others to read them.

    • I am guilty. I need to read more! One of my summer aims is to get back into it. Glad you like the interview, there’s plenty more where that came from. I have at least 10 more in the pipeline! xx

  3. I agree with Chrissie about PaperFury (sooooooo funny!) and Jenny. I don’t know Mel to the Any so I’ll have to go and check her out. Chrissie really puts me to shame, I can’t believe how much she reads, haha, I need to carve out some time for more books too. A really interesting read, how lovely to get to know more about a fellow blogger! xx
    Lisa | http://www.lisasnotebook.com

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