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Blogger Interview #3: Honestly Lau

This weekend’s blogger interview is taking a slightly different shape. I’ll be telling you a little bit of information about Honestly Lau, followed by a few quickfire questions answered by Lau.
So, Honestly Lau started in March 2018. Mostly a beauty blog with a touch of lifestyle, the blog gives Lau the chance to express her passions and challenge herself. I think these are 2 key aspects of blogging. In the case of Lau, the passion is beauty.
From applying fake lashes, to colourful eye looks, Lau’s makeup course at college is certainly worth it. I never know how to apply fake lashes, and I am too nervous to use them, but these clear steps make the process less scary!
Some of my favourite non-beauty posts on Honestly Lau include Photography Challenge and Reality of Blogging. Photography Challenge is all about how you can find great photo opportunities in your back garden and how we should all take 10 minutes to appreciate what is around us. I did this recently and posted the results on my Instagram, and it really is worth it! Reality of Blogging is a perfect summary of what blogging is all about and debunks the myths that non-bloggers create about the practice. I’d recommend reading it!
Now time for some quickfire questions from Lau:
1) Twitter or Instagram? Twitter 
2) Favourite blog to read? Awkward World Blog (translation required for us English people)
3) WordPress or Blogger? WordPress
4) Favourite makeup product right now? Revolution Flawless 3 Resurrection Palette
5) Describe your blog in one word. Fun. 
If you want to know more about Lau and her blog, then check out some of her amazing about posts: 20 Questions about Me and 50 Facts about Me
Where else can you find Honestly Lau? The answer: Twitter and Instagram
Look out for next weekend’s interview with the lovely Victoria from Doorways and Dresses!
Megan x


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