Blogger Interview #2: Capture Sunshine

Hey everyone! I’m back with a new interview and this weekend, it’s with Sakshi from Capture Sunshine, a blog full of positivity. Check out her advice below on happiness and self-improvement. 
1) Am I right saying this blog is new? Why did you decide to create your blog now? 
Yes, I launched my blog ‘Capturing Sunshine’ this month. I have been blogging since I was in high school and somehow over these years I felt like I grew out of my blog. The thoughts I had as a teenager didn’t resemble me any further and hence, I started a new beginning that felt more like the current me.
2) Have you blogged before?
Yes. As I mentioned above, I have been blogging since I was 16. I am 22 now.
3) What is the number 1 piece of advice you would give to other bloggers/people wanting to blog? 
You asked for 1 but I am giving 5 because what’s better than 1?

  •  Start: I have seen so many people who do want to start a blog, always dream of having one but could never take the first step. It’s either the fear of failure or impression that they do not have the skills. You’ll learn along the way. Just start!
  •  Read, a lot: To write better, it’s important you read better. Go, read other blogs, go read books, newspapers. You’re going to write so much better after all these words you just read.
  •  Write, a lot: Write, even 100 words a day and you’ll never have a writer’s block ever.
  •  Be consistent: I have learned this the hard way. Set up a schedule, which ever suits you and be sure to post your blog posts as regular intervals. This is where most of the bloggers fail.
  •  Be yourself: because YOU are AWESOME!

4) Is there a blogger who inspires you and why?
Leo Babuta from
He has the power to write the truth with such simplicity and yet it hits you right in the feels. He is one of the best self-positive blogger I have read so far. His posts are written with the right balance of motivation, hard-ground reality and optimism. A must read.
5) Name 3 blogs you are addicted to at the moment. ,
6) If you could only use 1 social media platform, what would that be and why? 
Twitter, hands-down! It’s a minimalistic platform that lets you to connect with likeminded people across the globe. I have connected and networked with so many bloggers, found so many opportunities only through Twitter. It’s my favourite social media platform and the only one I regularly use.
7) What future hopes/aspirations do you have for your blog? 
I want my blog to be a community for people where people are helping each others to be a better version of themselves. A place where people feel at their absolute best and strive to only go forward, where they find happiness and solace. I also want to go beyond and share stories from travels across the globe and inspire them to travel.
8) Your blog focuses on positivity and self-improvement. What one thing gets you in a good mood? 
Dogs. I absolutely love dogs. I have a dog named Scruffy and he is such a good boy. He showers me with kisses and snuggles and how can that not make you smile?
9) In relation to your blog title, do you recommend any travel destinations for people seeking some sunshine?
Travelling for me is a chance to learn more about the world, more about us. Here are my top picks:
Copenhagen: to learn about having a great lifestyle
Delhi: to learn about how the highs and lows live in unison. Also very culturally rich
Kuala Lumpur: to meet some of the most kind and polite people
Those travel destinations sound like they need adding to the list of places to go! For more of Sakshi’s wise words, you can find her content through the following links:
Blog: Capture Sunshine
Twitter: @capturesunshyne
Instagram: @capturesunshyne
Facebook: @capturesunshyne
If you’ve liked this interview, then don’t worry, there’s plenty more to come! If you have any other content suggestions, then don’t hesitate to contact me!
Megan x 

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