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As promised, I am sharing details (and photos) of my shoot with Kirstie from KM Photographic. For those of you who don’t know, Kirstie is the amazing blogger from Behind the Scent, who has now launched her photography business, KM Photographic.
I was fortunate enough to be invited on a Blogtography Taster Session in Leicester along with 5 other bloggers. I had an hour-long shoot, with 1 outfit and 5 photos at the end. Whilst this session was free, I have to say Kirstie’s rates are very reasonable and is one of the only photographers I know in Leicestershire who understands a blogger’s needs for great photos.
This was my first ever shoot like this, and I loved it. Although I have lived in Leicester my whole life, when you’re considering where to shoot, you start to look at the city in a new light. It was a bit daunting to begin with, knowing how to stand or what backgrounds look the best, but Kirstie was really helpful and the best locations soon became apparent. The area around Leicester Cathedral and The Guildhall is really nice, and if you cross over the main road into the De Montfort University campus, there are some lovely spots, especially as it is quieter during the summer holidays.
In terms of my outfit, I decided to recycle some items, instead of buying anything new, as I wanted to wear clothes I genuinely liked. Sadly, LeOne Designers (polka dot dress) don’t appear to be in business anymore, but polka dots are popular, so I’m sure there are plenty of similar dresses out there. The rest of the outfit (jacket, leggings, boots, bag) are things I’ve had for a while now, but most likely from New Look or Primark!
As I mentioned above, this was a taster session, so I got to choose 5 images. Given that there were 49 in total, this was hard, but I somehow managed it! In a normal shoot with Kirstie though, you get 10 which makes it less difficult.
After my shoot was done, Kirstie and I both had some spare time, so we went to get a cup of tea together, and I can honestly say that she is absolutely lovely! Would recommend her to any blogger in need of a photo shoot. (Completely my opinion, not affiliated in any way)
Ok, last, but certainly not least, here are my photos:
Megan060918 (5)Megan060918 (4)Megan060918 (3)Megan060918 (2)Megan060918 (1)
Let me know what you think!
Megan x

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