24 Hours in Dublin

Hey everyone!
In light of my many many Instagram posts about Dublin, it is now time for the blog post. On Wednesday night, my family and I flew to Dublin for a whirlwind 24 hour trip, because why not? It’s a city that none of us had been to before, and I wanted to fly somewhere nearby before my year abroad because I hadn’t been on a plane since finding out I have hydrocephalus.
The journey to Dublin was therefore quite nerve wracking. It’s not the actual flying that has caused me anxiety, it was the potential health risks what with the pressure changes, even though I have been told that flying shouldn’t affect the hydrocephalus. Then again, I’ve received a few mixed signals over the years and didn’t know what to believe. In a sense, the flight to Dublin was a test run. Nevertheless, I’m surprised that I didn’t freak out more, and after take off, I soon remembered what it felt to be on plane and how cool it is to see the sun setting and the clouds.
Ok, enough about the flight, let’s get onto Dublin! One thing we noticed when booking accommodation for the night was that it was ridiculously expensive. For a hotel such a Hilton or Holiday Inn, the prices were about €600! Cut a long story short, we stayed on the DCU All Hallows campus, which becomes a hotel over the summer. The rooms were a lot cheaper, but still not bad for one night, and we got a fantastic buffet breakfast in the morning.
As we only had the day in Dublin, we booked to go the Guinness Storehouse, which is voted as top tourist attraction in Dublin. Put aside the fact that I don’t like beer (you should have seen my face when I tried a sample), the museum was really interesting and well set out. There was never too much text on the information boards, which can always get taxing in museums if you have to stand there reading copious amounts of text. You follow a route that takes you through the process of making Guinness. My favourite parts had to be the waterfall, bubbles and finishing the tour at the bar overlooking Dublin.


Before the Guinness factory, we did have some time to walk around the city, and I have to say Dublin Castle was looking pretty spectacular. There’s a lovely garden behind the castle which you don’t have to pay for, and there’s some great opportunities to get photos of the castle.
Right that’s the morning done. Just before having lunch though, a little bit of family history research had to be done. My 5x great-grandfather was from Ireland and worked in 18 Temple Bar back in 1820 before heading off to India as a soldier. The original building is still there, now housing a much more upmarket restaurant.
We were also going to go to the Book of Kells at Trinity College, but the queue to get in was horrendous and we only had until about 5 o’clock before going back to the airport. However, we still had a stroll around the college, which is stunning.

Having a couple of hours left, we just walked around the city and headed to the St. Stephen’s Green area, which is home to a beautiful park and lots of shops and museums. There’s a lovely shopping centre here with amazing Victorian architecture. We also stopped off at the National Gallery of Ireland. This sculpture was pretty cool!
After that, it was back to the airport for the flight home. My whistlestop tour of Dublin comes to a close. It would have been great to see more of the city, and I would definitely consider going back. However, I also loved the light travelling as it was only one night and we all just took small rucksacks. No waiting around baggage claim at the airport!
Have a great week everyone!
Megan x


  • Julie King

    Looking forward to our break in Dublin even more now! Any recommendations on places to eat? 😉

    • Megan Elizabeth Lifestyle

      There certainly seemed to be lots of place that looked nice, especially around Temple Bar area. Unfortunately, as we were only there for the day, we didn’t have time to try them. Let me know if you find any good places though x

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