Alcohol: A Few Thoughts

Hello everyone! How has everyone’s week been?

Quite a controversial post coming your way now, but I would like to make clear that these are just my opinions that I felt the need to write about. So, what is this post all about you may wonder? The answer: alcohol. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not totally against drinking. I completely understand having a glass of wine with a meal on the weekend, and until recently, I was known to enjoy the odd Friday night G&T. Now, however, I have been without said G&T for over a month and honestly, it’s not bad.

What I don’t get about alcohol is all of this stuff (apologies in advance for this rant):

The Blogger View

Oh, where to start? Something I have noticed as a blogger, as well as more generally on social media, is that people post about their fitness journeys etc., whether they are on a weight loss mission or just wanting to stay healthy. I’m increasingly seeing people posting the number of calories burnt at the gym one day, and the next, they are getting ready to go out for drinks. Please someone explain to me how this is the way to lead a healthy lifestyle . If you’re really committed to keeping fit, surely you need to cut back on alcohol consumption.

The Student View

The next point is from my experience as a student. I’m becoming aware of bars/nightclubs creating student nights with drinks at a low price. It’s encouraging drinking and some people’s reasons for coming to uni is now about partying and getting ‘wasted’. For me, going to university is a privilege. I love my course and the friends I have made, and I hate seeing the stereotype of a student being someone who goes out all the time.

The Healthcare View

Moving onto the impact on national health. I wonder how many A&E admissions there would be if people didn’t drink as much. The amount of hospital admissions due to alcohol-related injuries is ridiculous and needs to be reduced. If anything, wouldn’t it be fair to charge extra for treatment stemming from an alcohol-fuelled problem, especially if they are reducing care time for people with genuine, potentially life-threatening, illness and conditions? It’s also important to remember that heavy drinking is bad for your health generally. We recognise and advertise the negative effects of smoking and other drugs, alcohol is no different.

The Self-Esteem View

Ok, last point, I promise. I’ve heard people before now saying that drinking enables them to ‘let go’ and have a good time. It’s really sad to think people feel the need to drink to be themselves. It’s time to change this, so people can relax and feel less insecure. For instance, if you want to break out into song and dance, just do it. You shouldn’t have to be half drunk and in a nightclub to do so.

Ok, rant over. I could go on, but I will save it for another post.

I would like to stress that I’m not accusing everyone of being alcoholics or anything even remotely like that. I’m just concerned about some of the ways in which alcohol is affecting our culture and what harm it could do in the future. I’m not saying I want alcohol to be banned completely, but simply that we need more alcohol awareness and should think first before we start drinking.

Let me know how you feel on all alcohol-related issues.

Megan x

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