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May 2018 Favourites

I’m not typically one for the whole monthly favourites posts, mainly because I see so many out there already, and so why not do something different? Nevertheless, this month I have noticed myself using a few things quite often and decided I wanted to share. 
e.l.f Tea Rose Matte Lip Colour

Whilst I love the longevity of matte liquid lipsticks, I always the colours are way too strong for my complexion. However, my first e.l.f purchase has proved to be a success. The Tea Rose Matte Lip Colour is more subtle, ideal for everyday wear, and is just as long lasting. The pen style applicator also makes the product really easy to apply, even better if you’re in a rush in the morning. A handbag essential. 
The Body Shop Shea Butter Body Mist

I’ve never quite got the fascination with perfume. One because you pay a fair amount of money for what is basically a small bottle of liquid, and two, I still am yet to find a perfume where I really like the scent. This body mist by The Body Shop though has such a nice fragrance, is cheaper than perfume and easy to use. Just a few sprays after a shower and you’re ready for the day! 
Milk_shake Leave-in Conditioner 

Ok, so I may have mentioned this before, but this leave-in conditioner is a life saver! Unfortunately, you can’t buy it in shops like Boots or Superdrug. My hairdressers sell the brand, so I can easily top up my stock when I’m running low, or alternatively, Amazon has started selling it. Once you’ve washed your hair, simply run some of the conditioner through the ends of your hair. The product stops your hair from tangling as much, giving it a healthier appearance and the smell is divine. 
I’ll admit. This one is only really a favourite from the past couple of days. I’ve decided to get my haircut shorter as it’s easier to manage and I’m feeling in the mood for a new summer hairstyle. The only issue is that I like to tie my hair back, especially on holiday, if I’m going on a hike or something. Enter hairbands. There are so many pretty styles and they are friendlier to your hair. No more scraping hair back into a ponytail. These two headbands cost me the grand total of 58p in New Look! 
Stabilo fineliners

How do people make revision notes without these? Part of the way I revise is by making bright, colourful notes. Yes, the actual revision is not the most fun thing in the world, but having good notes really helps! Thank you Stabilo for getting me through revision!
My 2017-18 academic diary
I’m actually sad to say goodbye to this diary. It may be a bit battered now and have umpteen illegible handwritten scrawls inside, but I don’t know how I would have organised my entire 2nd year of uni without this trusty diary by my side. Definitely will be purchasing another one for the next academic year!
What things can you not live without at the moment? Let me know what your favourites are!
Megan x

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