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Liz Earle Blogger Event

Hello! Has everyone had a good bank holiday? I know the thought of going back to work after a long weekend seems annoying, but look at it positively, you only have to work 4 days this week not 5.
As I mentioned in my catch up post yesterday, on Thursday evening, I went to a Liz Earle blogger event at my local Boots store. I didn’t know much about Liz Earle, it’s always been one of those brands where I’ve walked past the counter under the assumption it was quite expensive. When the opportunity arose to find out more about the brand, I decided it was time to break this presumption and go along. I am glad that I did.
Not only did I have the pleasure of a lovely group of bloggers from my local area, but I discovered so much information about Liz Earle, which has really made me hold the brand in high esteem. I thought I’d recap some of what I learnt for fellow newcomers to the Liz Earle brand.
First off, I was shocked to realise just how successful Liz Earle is. It is the UK’s top natural skincare brand, and the 3rd top skincare brand overall, coming only behind Clarins and Clinique. This is impressive seeing as Liz Earle has only being trading for 20 years, compared to 80 and 60 years respectively. What’s more Liz Earle has achieved these feats with less than 3% coverage whereas Clinique and Clarins have over 80%. Liz Earle’s remarkable success has resulted in multiple selling platforms, through QVC, the company website and the numerous counters in the likes of Boots and John Lewis.
Something that I now really love about Liz Earle is that the brand is British born-and-bred. It started on the Isle of Wight and one of the head offices is still there today. Even the tiniest details of the brand, such as the shades of packaging which ranges from the deep sea to the sand.
Then, of course, there was the big question of what does natural skincare really mean? Well, for Liz Earle, this means sourcing as many ingredients as naturally as possible, and the brand have farms around the world where they source the ingredients. There’s a big list of things not included to create cleaner, environmentally friendly products such as no microbeads, no SPF and no foaming agents, as these would require more chemicals. Everything is also cruelty-free and vegetarian friendly (not vegan due to honey used in products).
That pretty much covers the gist of what was said at the event, but it definitely gave a more personal feel to the brand, especially as I also learnt that when you order products online, they are handpacked for you, with a little note saying who packed your order.
In addition to hearing this information at the event, we got to test various products and were greeted with drinks, with added an extra special touch. The little gift bags we received were a lovely gesture too, and I have loved giving myself a mini facial everyday with the Cleanse and Polish and the moisturiser. My skin feels more hydrated and cleaner as a result!

Yes that is a Chip mug on my shelf!

This event with the first in a series, so I can’t wait until this coming Thursday for the next installment, which is focused on summer beauty. I’m feeling a Liz Earle blog post series coming on…
Megan x


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