Cup of Tea and a Chat

Flippin’ heck this cold/flu thing has been annoying. It’s only really started to get better over the weekend and I still don’t feel 100%. Nevertheless, I am feeling the need to blog today.
As Monday is a scary thought for most of us, I thought I’d sit down with a cup of tea, have a chat with you and give us all a moment of calm in the chaos of a Monday morning.
I originally was going to do a review of Leeds RAG Fashion Show, which I went to on Thursday night, but I’m afraid to say that I was a bit disappointed, especially as everyone always raves about it. It was my first fashion show, so I was excited. Unfortunately, the experience fell flat, and my friends and I actually left during the interval. That said, I’m of course not against any of the money paid for tickets going to charity, as this year the money was donated to Dementia UK and Leeds Mind, both worthy causes and they support mental health awareness, something which is not talked about enough.
The theme of the fashion show was TIMELESS, all about the stages of life including birth, war, peace, and death. Whilst this was a clever idea, the show for me just didn’t have any impact. I will admit that we paid for standard tickets, so we were never going to be right at the front, but the seating was at the back of the room. We could barely see anything and ended up standing for the most part.
You always expect fashion shows to have wacky and wonderful creations that bring something new to the fashion world. The outfits on display were certainly not that, and whilst I understand there was a limited budget, instead of having lots of outfits that were pretty normal at the end of the day, I think it would have been better to have fewer, but more ‘out there’ looks with deeper explanations of why those outfits were chosen and what significance each clothing item has.
Without that, you are just watching people walk up and down. I love my fashion, but really? Of course, it is so important to donate to charity, especially through a great organisation such as RAG, but is the fashion show worth it? I’m not convinced. Moaning over.
On a lighter note, lots of fun things have been going on in amongst the uni work.
On Friday night, my flatmates and I went on a ‘cocktail crawl’. Far better than a pub crawl, as it gives you an excuse to dress up and feel sophisticated for the night.
Next week brings more glamour with the Modern Languages Ball at uni, so I’ll be sharing all my outfit details when the time comes.
Last but certainly not least, I am going home this weekend. The workload is pretty heavy at the moment, so I am looking forward to spending some quality time with my family and enjoying a little R&R. What does this week hold for you?
Megan x

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