5 Ways to Stay Motivated

Why hello everyone! A little bit of #WednesdayWisdom coming your way now. I realise that I did not post anything yesterday (already failing at the blogging every other day goal). Sadly, I have been busy doing uni work, although I did manage to do a fair amount yesterday, so I am allowing myself a couple of hours this morning to ramble on to you all.
By simply not being able to stick to my blogging schedule, I felt myself slipping into a lazier pattern last night, so this morning I was determined to get back on track. Gym first thing, then blog, and then uni work. This got me thinking about what I can do to stay motivated, and if I am already doing some of these ideas. So, my friends, here are my top 5 tips on how to stay motivated (in no particular order).

  1. Fitness and Fresh Air: I feel like these are interchangeable. I have realised that starting your day with a good exercise session, whether that be at the gym, or simply going for a walk, helps to clear your mind ready for a new day. I even chose to go swimming on Monday, something I would only usually do with others, and I felt refreshed for the rest of the day. Definitely an important one, not necessarily with the goal of losing weight, but just to make yourself feel good.
  2. Making to-do lists: Not only an excuse to buy a pretty notebook/diary, but a genuinely useful technique for maintaining motivation. Everyday, I make a list of things I need to do in my diary, and I allow myself to relax once I have done all my tasks for that day. It’s a great feeling to be able to tick things off as you go through the day and there is a real sense of achievement. Plus, I actually know now what the date always is!
  3. Motivating Decor: I know this is a bit similar to my 2018 Wellness Goals post, but I have been collecting various pictures, postcards and quotes that make me feel happy and want to achieve lots. I have 2 large pin boards in my uni room which are rapidly being filled up! These are some of my favourites:AirBrush_20180207101519
  4. Reading other blogs: Something that I have grown to love. Knowing you are giving back to the blogging community and supporting others are motivating in themselves. I also find that other blogs are a great source of content inspiration, especially if you are suffering from a spell of writer’s block. Obviously, this doesn’t mean copying a post word-for-word, but if you like a title of a post, perhaps you can put your own spin on it. Of course, don’t forget to let bloggers know they have inspired you!
  5. Reminding yourself of what you’re doing: I’ll explain what I mean by this. It’s all well and good getting yourself into a super-organised daily routine, keeping fit and treating yourself to some motivating homeware. You have to be motivated about what you are doing in your life. Whether that be your job, blogging or your university course. There’s no use in doing all these other things I have mentioned if you are not motivated by what you spend your day doing. Give this a moment’s thought and then you’re ready to go!

What do you do to stay motivated?
Megan x


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