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Natural and Clean Skincare: Does It Work?

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope the weekend is treating you well and you are giving yourself a bit of time off from the craziness that is life.
I wanted to write a post on a topic that has been intriguing me for some time, and that is, the world of natural and clean skincare. I’m not sure whether I am just stressed from uni work or something, but my skin has been quite dry recently, so I have been vigorously applying moisturisers and all manner of body lotions (I got a couple of new ones for Christmas, I haven’t just gone out and bought a load).
Cut a long story short, I have discovered, along with my mum, that the amount of chemicals in most skincare is ridiculous, and these can be the lower cost brands that we would normally be desperate to get, under the impression that it is a brilliant bargain.
We then started looking very carefully at trying to find skincare brands with little or no chemicals, that were ‘clean’ and ‘natural’. During this process, we discovered that ‘clean’ and ‘natural’ are in fact two different things.
‘Natural’ skincare is when the ingredients are as pure as they can possibly be, whereas ‘clean’ skincare focuses more on the safety of the product, as well as being eco-friendly. An article I found on gives a much better explanation that I can!
It turns out that brands such as Aveeno, Burt’s Bees, Sukin, and Ren deem themselves to be ‘natural’ or ‘clean’, so my mum and I have been putting them to the test. However, despite the labelling, the products do still have a few ingredients that are very much chemical-based, yet they are certainly a lot better than most. The question is, are these skincare products any good?
After an informative explanation in M&S about the REN brand, my mum has since purchased face creams by this brand, and from natural skincare company Sukin. She has since told me that whilst the products feel nice when first applied, they have left her skin feeling quite tight, rather than moisturised. This is interesting as she used to use Olay, containing far more chemicals, and said her skin felt nicer then.
As for me, I ordered some free samples of Aveeno moisturiser a few weeks ago, as I had never tried it before, and I have to say that I went out and bought myself a bottle yesterday as it is working wonders for my skin. Whilst not completely chemical free, the ingredient list is noticeably shorter and one of the main natural ingredients is oatmeal.
I was also fortunate enough to receive a Burt’s Bees gift set for Christmas. Branded as a ‘natural’ skincare brand, the lip balms, I have to say, are beautiful. As for the moisturiser, hand and foot creams though, they are very thick, good for very dry skin, but they are so thick that you can hardly get any to come out of the tubes!! The scents are a bit odd too, whereas the Aveeno moisturiser is refreshing and applies nicely.
Wow, this has turned out to be quite a long post, so I will sign off now. All in all, if you would much rather have as much chemical-free products as possible, then definitely look in the direction of natural and clean skincare. Are they worth it in terms of price (which is more expensive) and quality though? I’m personally not yet convinced. The hunt for a natural product that does the trick remains open. Of course, if you think you have discovered some great natural products, then do let me know!
Megan x
P.S. None of this is sponsored, all of my own opinions (well, my mum’s as well) !

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