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Primark Silicone Sponge Review

What are these 2 weird, transparent, pebble-looking objects you may wonder? Well, given that I am seriously behind on the latest makeup trends, you will know more than I do!
Yes, they are the silicone sponges, one of the more recent trends to hit the beauty market, known for their minimal waste of foundation and smooth application.
I’m usually a bit hesitant when it comes to buying makeup brushes etc. as I don’t like to spend too much money on them. I’d rather splash out on a good quality foundation or concealer than a brush.
The same principle applied when sponges became the next big thing in the cosmetic world. I decided to buy my sponges (normal, not silicone) from Primark as they were cheap, but that turned out to be a mistake as they were quite hard and to blend the foundation in, you actually had to hit yourself with force!
Nevertheless, when I saw a pack of 2 silicone sponges reduced from £2 to 50p in Primark, I took the chance straight away, and this time, it has paid off.
I have tested the silicone sponges with a number of foundations already over the weekend, and they seem to do the trick, no matter the consistency of the foundation or whether they give a matte or a dewy finish. Definitely a key role of any foundation applicator.
The best part for me is that they don’t soak up any foundation, and they are so easy to clean. You would have been horrified to see the state of my foundation brushes and sponges, as no matter how hard I cleaned them, there still was foundation on them! Now that I have discovered silicone sponges though, I did not wait a second longer before throwing my other sponges and brushes away. This may seem like a rather rash thing to do, but they were quite old anyway, and if you need an extra applicator, fingers do a pretty good job!
What I liked about the Primark pack is that there are 2 of them, so you can always cut one up if you need a smaller sponge for blending in concealer under the eyes. Let’s face it, even if the silicone sponges are taken off the sale, £2 for 2 sponges won’t break the bank!
Good value, good quality and easy to clean. Silicone sponges are winner for me!
Megan x

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