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Clifford Day Spa Review

*Just to say this is not an affiliated post, I just decided I wanted to review the spa of my own accord.

Hello weekend! Here’s to spending some time relaxing and doing something different from the usual week of study/work. That certainly was what Friday afternoon was for me, as my mum and I took a trip to Long Eaton to the Clifford Day Spa. Back in August, I received a voucher for a spa treatment and afternoon tea at Clifford, and yesterday, we finally got around to going.
Given that my only previous spa experience had been at Ragdale Hall, which must be one of the most amazing spas in the country, I couldn’t really go along thinking Clifford would be the same, as it is a much more budget friendly spa experience, in a converted industrial building in the centre of Long Eaton. Not in a sprawling country estate like Ragdale.
First off, you don’t get complimentary robes and towels. You can bring your own, along with a pair of flip flops, but you can rent them for a small fee, which is what we did, as it means you have one less thing to bring.
The spa is on the ground floor when you enter the building, and the upper floors are solely gym rooms, not included in a spa afternoon (3pm-8pm). Nevertheless, we were guided through to the changing rooms by a helpful receptionist and once we had deposited our bags in the lockers (phone as well, hence no photos), it was time to explore the spa.
In terms of the quality of the facilities, I would say it is fantastic. There was a beautiful pool with lights in the ceiling above it, which really gave a calming atmosphere as it got darker and quieter in the evening. There are heated loungers surrounding the pool area, as well as more dotted around the rest of the spa, so you can have a lie down, but still keep nice and toasty despite the wet swimming costumes.
(YouTube video showing the facilities => click here)
The Fire and Ice Spa, as it is known, also includes 2 hydrotherapy pools, a variety of saunas and steam rooms, foot spas, a salt inhalation room, an aromatherapy room, an ice room, monsoon showers and a saunarium. A pretty extensive list of things to enjoy! So far, so good!
With all these spa experiences to soak up, it seemed like a very relaxing time was going to be had.
However, when we first arrived, there was a bit of an issue. Given that the spa was on one floor (except the treatment rooms which were upstairs), the facilities are in a very small space, fine if you go at a quiet time, but when we got there, it was heaving! There were no loungers free and all the various sauna rooms were occupied.
For this reason, we decided to go for a swim first. We had our afternoon tea booked for 4 anyway, so we managed to avoid the busy time. After we finished our tea, the mid-afternoon rush had died down. I think as gym members get to use the spa, this contributed to the volume of people there.
The afternoon tea was good. We had the typical array of sandwiches, scones and cakes, and you could go and get a refill of tea, or any other hot drink, at any time from the little café area.
Our treatment was at 6, and in the meantime, we were able to have some relaxation time, checking out the various rooms. My favourite was the saunarium as it was not too hot, like some of the other ones.
The treatment included in the package was 50 minutes, and you got to choose what kind of treatment you wanted there and then, ideal if you are a bit indecisive like me. The treatments take place upstairs, away from the hustle and bustle of the spa downstairs. My mum and I had a shared room, and there was relaxing music playing throughout. We both had a split treatment, both of us starting with a 25-minute back massage. I then went on to have a 25-minute facial, and my mum a head massage.
We had to sign a consultation form beforehand and we could specify our skin type and if we wanted a particular area massaging (shoulders for me), so the products used were tailored to you.
So, yes, there were some bits of the spa that could be improved. If I was to give some advice to Clifford Day Spa on how to improve, it would be to reduce the number of people allowed in the spa at any one time, as it was very busy when we arrived and hard to relax. It soon quietened down though, and we came away feeling thoroughly relaxed. In terms of value for money though, you can’t go wrong. I’d just pick the time you visit very carefully to avoid the busy period!
Megan x

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