My 2018 Wellness Goals

I’m doing it. A second post for 2018. So far, the blogging is looking good.
I will admit this post is not about me having a fitness journey and gaining rock hard abs or avoiding eating chocolate. Let’s be realistic here, that will never happen. I would like to talk to you about what has now become my New Year’s resolution, albeit starting a bit later in January.
Over the past few weeks, I have had my January exams, which means head down revising and made all the more stressful knowing that 2nd year counts towards my degree. By the time my exams actually came around, I felt fairly confident about the majority of them, but the prospect of having an exam, no matter in what subject or how you feel about it, is ridiculously nerve-wracking.
As I’m prone to anxiety anyway, this led to me having trouble sleeping. I remember I had one night in my first week back at uni when I didn’t sleep at all. This got me really panicked, and I even went home on the weekend just to get a few nights of good sleep. Needless to say, that when I came back to uni, my mind kept thinking back to the night of no sleep, and from then on, I only managed about 5 or 6 hours of sleep a night. Considering I am usually a 9 hour-a-night kind of girl, this messed with my head, not what you need during exams.
Cut a long story short, it got me thinking of what I could do to help me sleep, but generally control my anxiety. The answer is wellness.
By simply going about my day-to-day life a bit differently, I am feeling better already, and most importantly, have had a few nights of better sleep. I’m not saying that my attempt at wellness is what a doctor or fitness guru would recommend, but it’s making me feel good, which is the main thing that matters. Like I said, there’s no way I’m giving up chocolate. Here are the things that I have been doing and will try my best to carry one doing to achieve wellness in 2018.

Calming corner in my room (plug socket not included!)

  • Fitness – I’m very lucky in that I get gym membership included with my halls at uni, although I have now upgraded it, so I can go on weekends. Before Christmas, I did go to the gym, but I didn’t have a routine, and wouldn’t stay for long. However, I have recently being going pretty much every day and doing a full on 30-40 minutes cardio workout, usually on the cross trainer. Not only do I feel more toned, but I’ve realised how important it is to make sure your mind and body are genuinely tired before you go to bed.
  • Diet – This hasn’t changed really, but I do make sure I have protein, carbs and fruit and veg, the usual stuff needed for a balanced diet. I don’t know if you saw my tweet the other day, but the chocolate cookies at uni are my weakness. For tonight, I have some dark chocolate instead (my excuse is that it does have some health benefits), as well as yoghurt and pineapple, so it’s not all bad! Another quick point, no caffeine in the afternoon has made such a difference to my sleep.
  • Mindfulness – I never thought I’d be one to meditate or do yoga, but it turns out I am! My flatmate (who has just set up a blog, Environmeg, give it a read, it’s great!) sent me a mindfulness meditation video on YouTubemeditation video on YouTube. It’s only ten minutes and is ideal to listen to in the middle of the day when you need to have a break and rest yourself. My flatmates and I also went to a Yoga Nidra session on Friday night, which was so relaxing, I will definitely be doing it again.
  • Bedtime – In terms of sleep routine, I have not changed much. I go to bed around 10 and wake up at 7ish. The past few nights, I have started reading before I go to sleep. I had not ready a fiction book in ages, as I usually am reading academic texts, so don’t feel in the mood to read a book. I decided to take myself off to the library though, and the past couple of nights, I have drifted off pretty quickly. Now I know why they say to not look at screens before bed!
  • My room – I think that your surroundings play a big part in mindfulness. Whilst it’s nice to have lots of decorations and posters, to create a more homely feel, at uni, my room isn’t the biggest, and I like to have the space and tidiness. I do have a love for marble, pastel colours and plants (false ones at uni), which add to the feeling of being relaxed.

I hope this is helpful to those of you, who like me, get a bit stressed sometimes. I feel like I have already achieved a great deal by living more mindfully.
Megan x

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