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Aaargh! Sorry for the lack of blog posts everyone! I have a lot of university work and freelance work on at the moment, so blogging and all things social media has had to take a bit of a back seat. I will endeavor to get back to a schedule as soon as possible.
It was my cousin’s wedding on Saturday down in Canterbury and it was the first wedding I remember I had been to where I was not a bridesmaid. This meant I had more freedom with my choice of outfit, so it was great fun choosing what to wear and indeed wearing it!
I thought deciding what dress to wear would be hard as there are so many dresses in store at the moment. However, when I walked into the Next store in Trinity, Leeds, there was no question as to what dress I should get. When I saw the Grey Dipped Hem Floral Maxi Dress, there was no looking back. I had to get it. There was something so ‘Megan’ about it.
I loved the colours, hem line and the unusual structure of the back. Given the wedding was in April, the colours were safe for either really sunny weather or the risk of rain.
The pale pink flowers gave the perfect base from which to choose accessories. I already had the clutch bag and jewellery, so it was shoes and a jacket which were high up on the list.
The jacket proved to be an easy purchase. I had a voucher to spend at the Bullring in Birmingham, so I knew I had to limit myself to the shops in there. New Look was pretty much the first shop that I went into and I had the jacket sorted. With my student discount included, it was not too expensive, and it is something which I will definitely wear again.
I always knew shoes would be the hardest part of the outfit. As clumsy as I am, with the world’s most bizarre feet, 6 inch heels were out of the question. Finding a pair of small heels in pale pink without the clunky heel that seems to be in fashion is impossible though, so I started looking at flats and wedges. You also have the awkward issue of whether you buy a cheap pair of shoes just to last you one day, or a more expensive one that is comfy. I went for the comfy ones, which were a pair of pale pink wedges in M&S. If in doubt, M&S will always deliver. The sandals can also be worn again throughout the summer, so it was worth spending a bit more.
I hope I have given you some inspiration if you have a wedding coming up. Let me know what your outfit would be!
Megan x


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