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Hollows Farm Vintage Tearooms, Leicester

*I decided to write this post. It is not in collaboration with anyone.*

I feel like you would only know about Hollows Farm Vintage Tearoom if you lived nearby or a friend told you about it. That’s how my family have came across this little gem. My mum heard about it from a friend at work and although this sweet place is down the road from us, we didn’t know it existed until then! So, I thought why not spread the word, so that Hollows Farm can be enjoyed by all!
I guess you would not think to drive down a farm track, but tucked down a country lane just off the Desford crossroads sits this pretty tearoom.
It definitely has the right to have vintage in the name. As soon as you walk through the door, any vintage-obsessed heart would swoon. From the delicate flowers on the wall, to the matching china cups and teapots, the interior is calming and makes for a wonderful atmosphere to treat yourself.

If I don’t already have a reputation for enjoying a spot of tea and cake, I definitely will have now. To be fair, the past few times have been at the suggestion of my parents, so I can always blame them for me eating lots of cake! I have to say though, I do not regret the cake at Hollows Farm because it was delicious!
The array of tea and cake on offer is fantastic. I’m a traditional English Breakfast kind of girl, but if herbal or fruit tea is your thing, then this is still the place to come. Choosing the cake was the difficult part. All the classics were an option such as Victoria Sponge and Lemon Drizzle, but there were also treats such as a chocolate gateau and an Oreo cake. You can imagine having to make the decision was very hard, but in the end my mum and I both went for the chocolate and orange layer cake, which was certainly no mistake. The only way I can think to describe it is Terry’s Chocolate Orange in cake form!

I need not say more

If Terry’s Chocolate Orange in cake form does not make your mouth water (why wouldn’t it?), then have a visit to Hollows Farm and experience this lovely place for yourself.
Megan x


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