Twitter Trials Update and Blogging Talk at University

It has been a week since my ‘Twitter Trial’s post, so I thought I would give you a little update as to how that has gone, but also let you know about a blogging talk at the Leeds Media School from Gabby from What She Buys.

twitter trials

I have tried to hard to schedule tweets this past week and engage with others as much as possible. Unfortunately, I did choose to do this the week when I had 2 essays to write, but I still noticed a difference. I have gained about 20 new followers, which may not seem a lot but it is for me.

Followers was not the biggest change though. I received a lot more likes and retweets and generally, just more engagement with my account. This does prove that social media use is just as important as your actual blog.

Even on the days when I only scheduled a couple of tweets I got more clicks to my blog, which again, is not something that happens too much.

So, all in all, the Twitter Trials were a success, and I am definitely to continue using Twitter in this more effective manner.

This leads on nicely to the next part of my post. I managed to sneak into another Leeds School of Media talk from Gabby about how to set up your own blog. Of course, I already have a blog, but it is always interesting to see what advice people give and gain some new blogging motivation (I tend to lose mine sometimes).

Although I did know some of the information, I also learnt a few new tips from Gabby, so here is what she said that I found particularly useful:

  • If you ever have bloggers’ block and don’t know what your next post is going to be, use Answer the Public. You can search words related to your blog and see what is trending and you may pick up ideas from what people are searching.
  • I kind of already knew this, but social media engagement is just as important, if not more, than your blog. I always feel guilty if I only get round to one post a week, but if you do this, and have a strong presence on social media, you needn’t worry.
  • Find your niche and decide what the focus of your blog is. You want to be known for a particular subject matter and build up a strong following, so don’t be afraid to turn down PR offers. Basically, just be loyal to your blog and its content. I’ve already started sorting out some of my categories to make my blog look a bit better!

That’s all for today. My next post will be on #BlogConLDN, I’m so excited! I might even use that as an opportunity to make a YouTube comeback!

Until next time,

Megan x

Twitter: @meganelifestyle

Instagram: @megan.eharrison

Pinterest: @meganeharrison

Facebook: @meganelifestyle



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