The Twitter Trials

Ah, writing a blog post is  very refreshing after spending the past 3 days pretty much living in the library, researching and essay writing. This also means that I never know when whether to think ahead and schedule posts on social media because I never know how long my work is going to take.

Follower Problems:

I will admit, I am pretty good at posting on Instagram now. It used to only be once every few weeks, but now I try to post everyday or every other day, and it really has made a big difference. A lot more of the clicks onto my blog are from Instagram these days, but of course gaining followers on Instagram is not easy as we all know. I do not get this unfollow game!

However, it seems that Twitter is a lot easier to gain followers. I can follow someone who has a few hundred followers and then all of a sudden they have over a thousand! This is not me though. I have kept the same sort of number for ages and I realise it’s because I am using Twitter really inconsistently, unlike Instagram. I have a read a number of other bloggers posts about how they use Twitter, so on Monday and Tuesday, not today I must add, I made a big deal of scheduling posts on Buffer.


I have tried a couple of other scheduling platforms, such as Hootsuite and Twuffer, but Buffer is really the best. I scheduled some posts first thing in the morning on my laptop and then I was able to top my queue up later on via the app on my phone. Buffer is also really good because it allows you to schedule your content at the best times, so more people will see your tweets. It only lets you do a maximum of 10 tweets a day, which is also really clever because people do not want to be inundated with your tweets.

Tweet Content:

Obviously, it’s important to get your tweet content right. If I want to tweet something completely random, not blog related, I will probably just tweet there and then. Of course, you do not want to constantly be copying and pasting links to your blog and other social media, so it is much better to schedule these posts. The past couple of days I tweeted about my most recent post a couple of times, but also made a point of promoting older posts, which I didn’t do before. I shared my Instagram and Pinterest links, so that my other social media sites would be promoted too.

Twitter Trials: 

Just having a couple of days of altering my Twitter use, I really noticed a change. I got 5 more followers than usual on Twitter, which I know does not seem a lot, but for me it is! I also got a few more Pinterest followers through posting my link, but also responding to other people’s posts of a similar nature. So for the next week, I am going set myself a little task of ‘Twitter Trials’. Starting tomorrow, I will schedule my posts to publish throughout the day, in addition to checking my feed every so often and replying to some tweets. After a week, I will let you know how it has gone!

If you want to see some awesome Twitter blog posts, check out Skinned Cartree and Emmys Beauty Cave!



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