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Restaurant Review: Gino D'Acampo My Restaurant, Leeds

I was completely social media absent yesterday because my mum came to visit me and we spent the day in Leeds. Of course, that means that I have not blogged/posted about my weekend at all yet, and believe me there is a lot to talk about! I will get onto the main reason for this post, which is reviewing Gino D’Acampo’s news restaurant in Leeds, but first of all, here are few highlights from the weekend. Unfortunately, like the majority of the time, the weather has been pretty rubbish today, so I did not get a chance to take photos.
The Tetley:
I will admit I did drag my mum all over the place. After I met her at the station, we went to The Tetley, a contemporary art exhibition and learning space across the canal. The building was originally a brewery, so the building has an interesting interior, set over several floors. Sadly, there was a lot of scaffolding inside due to works being done, so it was hard to appreciate the true beauty of the building. The main reason for going to The Tetley was the International Artists Book Fair. This was a quirky little event, showcasing various pieces of art revolved around books and paper. We also stopped off for a morning cup of tea at the Tetley Bar and Kitchen. I have heard good things about the restaurant and judging from the menu, this place is definitely on the list of future places to eat!
Wedding Outfit Shopping: 
My cousin is getting married in April and I bought my dress yesterday! I will not reveal the dress yet, but I am so excited for the wedding, and look forward to shopping for accessories. I will give you a hint that I bought it from Next and they did very well!
Girl Gang Leeds presents: Cool for Crafts Arts Markets: 
This Girl Gang is different to the one set up by Jemma from Dorkface. If you haven’t heard of Girl Gang Leeds, check out their website to see the amazing stuff they do! To cheer myself up in the midst of grey clouds and heavy rain, I decided to go along to their craft market and got see some lovely products, made by female makers.
Gino D’Acampo My Restaurant: 
Now onto the main event! Mum and I decided to eat at Gino D’Acampo’s new Leeds restaurant. It is situated opposite Jamie’s Italian, a firm favourite of mine and I expect the competition between the two will be high, as the prices are similar too. If anything I would say Gino’s menu has a bit more variety and any blogger will love it due to the marble interior and pale blue seats.
I was really impressed with the set lunch menu. It was 2 courses for £16 or 3 courses for £20 and there was a great selection to choose from. Me being me, I chose a main and a dessert. I went with my usual, fettuccine bolognese, but also that it is one of my favourite Jamie dishes and I wanted to compare. Whilst it was not as rich in red wine as Jamie’s (this may disappoint some), it tasted really fresh and homemade.
I feel like people assume I spend my whole life eating rich chocolate desserts. This is not the case, it just so happens that recently I have come across a few! Yes, I could always say no, but when the warm chocolate fondant stuffed with chocolate truffles and served with vanilla ice cream is on the set menu, there is no choice. I just has to have. My mum and I did share if I’m trying to make myself feel any better.

I really recommend Gino’s if you are looking for a restaurant with good food at an affordable price!
Megan x

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