Visiting the Cotswolds

As you may have seen from my Twitter or Instagram, yesterday we went to the Cotswolds, so here is my post as promised.
Whilst the weather was not at its best, cloudy with some rain, probably left over from Storm Doris, making photography go completely out the window, it was still a really nice trip and definitely something worth blogging about.
First of all, we stopped to check out Moreton-in-Marsh. This was mainly due to the fact that a cup of tea was much needed, but the town is very picturesque and was a great place to stretch our legs for a bit. Visiting these Cotswolds towns and villages always makes me think of when I used to read the Agatha Raisin books by M.C.Beaton as Agatha was always doing her shopping there.
File:Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire, England-23Oct2010 (3).jpg

By Mark Hogan from London, UK (Moreton-in-Marsh Uploaded by Snowmanradio) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The next stop was a quaint little village called Longborough. The main purpose of this was family history. If you followed me as part of Charlii and Meg, then you will remember how much my mum and I love family history. Mum has been doing some research on her side of the tree, and had discovered that some of her ancestors came from this area, so we spent some time at Longborough church to see if any of the gravestones matched our ancestors. Unfortunately, the tombstones were all really worn and you could not see the names. However, we did discover a gorgeous country pub, that sold ales from a local brewery, Donnington Ales.
Then it was onto the main reason we decided to go the Cotswolds. Bourton-on-the-Water was described as the ‘Venice of the Cotswolds’ on one of the tourist information boards. The river that runs through Bourton has a series of footbridges leading up to the town, but whether I would compare it to Venice I’m not so sure, but it was still lovely and unique.

See what I meant about the weather and photography?!

We had lunch at The Croft Restaurant, which is linked to the Chester House Hotel. Whilst it was essentially pub food, there was a modern, bistro feel to it. I did not take a picture of my main, which was steak and red wine lasagne, as by the time we had sat down to eat, I was pretty hungry and forgot to take a photo (don’t judge me!). My mum and I, being major chocoholics, could not resist the warm chocolate brownie and ice cream for pudding though!
Bourton-on-the-Water really is a tourist destination. Full of pubs, tearooms and souvenir shops, visitors will definitely be kept busy. There is also the Dragonfly Maze, Birdland, Model Village and the Cotswold Motoring Museum.
My dad went in the motoring museum, whilst Mum and I checked out the shops, but also we had been there before when I was a lot younger, so I could still remember some of it. The museum is even home to Brum (anyone else remember Brum?!).
This one’s just the cardboard cutout outside

By the time we had done all this, it was time to head home. Of course, this was nothing to do with the fact that my dad wanted to be back in time to watch the Watford match!
Hope you are inspired to take a trip to the Cotswolds now!
Megan x


  • Kim

    Having lived in The Cotswolds all my life, I love seeing blog posts pop up about it. Bourton on the Water is one of my favourite places to visit, I’ve been to Birdland and the Motor Muaeum countless times. There’s also the model railway museum (in the toy store).

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