Visiting York

Yesterday, I decided to take a trip to York to do something different and refreshing after a heavy week of university work. The last time I visited the city was a good 8 years ago (how long??) on a trip with my primary school, so it was lovely to go back and really appreciate all the wonderful things that the city has to offer. Plus, with a railcard return price of £8 and a short 20 minute train journey, it is the perfect day out for a student.
Whilst I love Leeds and think it is a fantastic place to be a student in, York holds a certain old charm that perhaps a more modern city like Leeds does not have.
Right from when you step out of the train station and into the city centre, the route you take is along the historic city walls, which very few places in the UK have. The famous view looking down onto York Minster is not something you get to see everyday.
York Minster is a sight to behold. Every architects’ dream, there is not a single aspect about the cathedral that is disappointing. Situated in the north corner of the city centre, York Minster is surrounded by a vast green space and an array of quirky independent shops, enough to make any tourist or shopaholic melt to the floor.

The city boasts a number of other historical remains, from abbey ruins, churches to Clifford’s Tower.

One thing for sure is that you will not get bored in York. Whether you are shopping in the old streets of the Shambles Market or visiting one of the many art galleries and museums, it really is a great day out for all the family. A particular attraction which caught my eye, which I am pretty sure we did not go to on the school trip, was the York Chocolate Story. York is full of confectioners making mouth-watering treats, which I believe originated when the Quakers settled in York. If you have even the slight inkling of a sweet tooth, you will not be disappointed in York due to the amount of chocolatey goodness on offer.
There is of course a lot more food than just chocolate. I have never seen so many places to eat! From fancy restaurants to good old British pubs and tearooms, your tastebuds should always be satisfied. Two places that stood out for me were the famous Bettys cafe and the teddy bear tearoom!

I had originally hoped to find some more Dave Thompson postcards, but sadly this was not the case. I did not come back empty handed though. I picked up this gorgeous bag from the National Trust shop. It was reduced from £35 to £12 and the print is inspired by Dulwich Heath in Suffolk. The bag is perfect size for me, as I can often have just one hour a day, so my current bags are either too small or way too big. This one fits the bill though.
I hope you decide to visit York after reading this post. Let me know how your trip goes!
Megan x


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