The Post Valentine's Day Cleanse

In the wake of Valentine’s Day yesterday and after reading countless numbers of pro Valentine’s blog posts, I have decided to go for a slightly different angle and tell you my real opinion of Valentine’s Day.
I understand couples wanting to celebrate an anniversary of some sort as it marks a milestone in the relationship and shows their commitment to one another. But what is the point of Valentine’s Day really? It is no different to any other day and has simply become a big commercial opportunity to sell loads of roses and chocolates.
You may have spent your night munching through the many boxes of malteasers you were inundated by from a loved one. You may have spent your night working your way through an entire tub of Ben and Jerry’s and watching Love Actually for the hundredth time, feeling sorry for yourself that you are still single as a pringle. Nevertheless, it is time to push aside the love bugs and heart confetti, because here is my advice on how to get cleansed post Valentine’s.

  • Gym time – post Valentine’s is quite literally time for a health cleanse. Peel your eyes away from all the aisles of reduced chocolate at the supermarket and say hello to the exercise and the fruit and veg aisle. Having some sort of fitness goal also gives a distraction from single life, if that is not your strong point.
  • Organisation – Okay, I know you have heard this word on my blog several times now, but getting your brain in gear and away from the many mushy Instagram posts of couples confessing their love, planning and organisation is key. I bought myself a daily journal from Urban Outfitters today and feels so good to have your to-do list all in one place.
  • Explore – just because you are single on Valentine’s, that does not give you an excuse to curl up in a ball. Get yourself outside and do something different. Visit a new place and get some life experience. I want to go to York this weekend, just for the sole purpose of going somewhere different and being in a different environment. (Of course, Dave Thompson postcard hunting may be involved!)
  • Stay Clear of Red – this is the devil colour this time of year. Hearts, lipsticks or anything that is romance related is red. Try going for spring time pastel colours or fresh greens and blues.

I hope these tips come in handy to anyone else wanting to escape all the Valentine’s stuff at the moment!
Megan x

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