The Importance of Relaxation

Hello everyone! I’m back blogging now after what has been a stressful week or two. I will not bore you as to why this was, so let’s get into the post.
Although stressful times are hard, they can be made a lot easier if you take the time to relax. Of course, anyone with something on their mind will say they cannot relax, but I believe this to be false.
Feeling anxious or stressed is something which we think we have no control over, when actually we have complete control. The problem is with stress is that it clouds your mind, so thinking clearly becomes a bit of an issue. How many times do you lie in bed tossing and turning without doing anything about it? I am guilty!
I often start off worrying for a particular reason, but this then escalates until I am just in a general state of stress, and what seems like the point of no return!
In truth though, stress and anxiety does not have to be this dramatic. All you need are strategies to help you relax and refocus, so here are mine:

  • Alternative therapies – I really like Bach Rescue Remedies as a quick fix for stress. Although they do not solve the problem, they do calm you down, so you can take the next step in helping you to relax. Different oils such as lavender are also good for this. Try putting a couple of drops in your bath or on your pillow and it will do you a world of good.
  • Baths – My love of baths has been kept no secret. I cannot praise them enough. You can now get so many bath products with the purpose of relaxation and there is nothing more pleasing than get into a nice, hot bath at the end of the day. I even go home every weekend pretty much just so I can have a bath!
  • Tea – Again, one of my absolute favourites. They do say we won the war because of tea! I recommend decaf tea though as caffeine will keep you up and more likely to stop you from relaxing.
  • Exercise – The thing I love to hate, but I have to admit, since going to the gym at university, I do feel a lot better. Exercise is a great way to release any frustration and leaves you feeling more positive.
  • Talking to people –  if you think you stress or anxiety is getting too serious, then do not be afraid to talk to someone. This does not necessarily have to be a doctor or counsellor as that can be a daunting process depending on who you are, but you would be surprised how much friends or family understand. I have found this really useful and it makes it a lot easier to describe how you are feeling.
  • Try something new – If none of these things are right for you, always try something new. Meditating, yoga or even cleaning can help to destress some people. I came across a concept yesterday called Sophrology and I think that will be my next port of call.

I hope this helps everyone to relax in times of stress.
Megan x

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