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It is not often that you find independent shops in the middle of a big commercial shopping centre. However, LeOne Designers in Highcross, Leicester has broken this tradition. Situated next to the likes of Mango and Karen Millen, LeOne is a prime example of handmade, high-end, couture fashion right on your doorstep. The shop also sells accessories such as jewellery, hats and scarves handcrafted by local designers, which is fantastic because you can support your community when you purchase anything.  The LeOne Designers was set up and is run by a fashion designer and a millinery & accessories designer. When you go into the shop, you are not just meeting any random sales assistants, but you are meeting the designers themselves, which is really unique.

Excuse my lack of makeup!

The company is just starting to put their products online and I have been lucky enough to sample some of their fabulous clothing and provide you with a 15% discount code MELIFESTYLE15 to be used when you buy anything from LeOne’s online boutique. I will be posting regularly on my social media to show you how diverse the clothes and accessories are. You really can wear them for any occasion!

Black Leggings with Gold Elastic Waistband

I am wearing the leggings in Small Petite


These leggings are truly one of a kind. They are pure luxury and are limited edition, so if you think these take your fancy, I would certainly buy them now.
The legwear with the LE ONE branded brass tag is definitely worth every penny. Whilst a lot of clothing is made from cheaper fabric imported from elsewhere, the fabric used for the leggings is made right here in the UK in Nottingham and the leggings are designed in Leicester. The fully certified Supplex fabric used to make the leggings takes them to the next level. Cotton tends to lose its shape and fade over time, but Supplex gives you the same feel as cotton, whilst maintaining shape and colour, in addition to being breathable and quick-drying.
If the leggings do not already sound like a must-have wardrobe essential, do not forget that you get them in a variety of sizes to suit your legs, from small, medium to large. You can choose what length you want too, with petite, regular and tall (custom order waiting list) all an option.
If you are like me, cotton leggings can get annoying, especially when they become see through or they have massive seams running down the side. LeOne’s leggings, however, do not have these imperfections as the seam is on the inside.
To top it off, they are so comfortable, which is my absolute priority when buying new clothing!

Black and White Polka Dot Dress


I am wearing size 10

This gorgeous dress is designed by Ryte, one of the amazing inhouse designers of LeOne and made in Leicester, so you know where your purchase is coming from.
The sizes range from 8-14 in this dress, so is perfect no matter what your figure.
I love the monochrome tone as it has a real air of sophistication. My mind wanders off to Audrey Hepburn when I see this dress.
There is the added benefit of the non-crease fabric, which ideal is you are going on holiday or like me, are a student and hate ironing! Imagine, the elegance of Audrey Hepburn and the pleasure of no ironing. What a winning combination!

LeOne Earrings


These stunning earrings of the LeOne logo are exclusive to LeOne Designers’ Boutique. They are nickel free and the hook is gold plated, so your ears will be in good company!
I think they are great as either an everyday earring or for a special occasion. You can even match them with the logo on the leggings.
If you want to see of LeOne Designers find them on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram.
In the meantime, use the discount code MELIFESTYLE15 and discover what LeOne has to offer.
Megan x

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