How to Survive January Exams

At last, laptop is fully functioning and I can sit down with a big mug of tea and write a blog post.
I am no stranger to the world of exams. Starting with SATS in Year 6, tests have since been an annual occurrence at the end of the school year. However, come GCSEs, not only do you have to endure your spring and summer time in a haze of revision, but January suddenly becomes a dreaded month of studying too. Whether you have mocks, resits, or like me, an essay and an end of module exam, January examinations can be the worst.
Unfortunately, Christmas sends you into a false sense of relaxation. I somehow think that because it is Christmas, I can procrastinate for ages, when  in reality, the deadlines are looming, and the stress builds up as does your work.
I do plead guilty to this attitude, only finishing my essay yesterday. To be fair, the deadline is Monday, so at least I have my weekend free. Nevertheless, I wish I had got it out of the way earlier, so here are my tips on how to get through the post-Christmas studying:

  • Know your deadlines – Before you start any piece of work or revision, make sure you know the timings of everything. Once you have found out the deadline, you have a certain time to aim for, which creates motivation.
  • Be organised – Organisation is the most important thing in my eyes in preparing for exams. If your desk and folders are messy, it can be stressful even just looking at them and knowing where to start. Know where everything is and what you are doing from the word ‘go’!


  • Space – one thing I do not like when revising, is having to work in a cramped space. I like to be able to see everything I need and spread out! Whether this is a large table, a wall to cover in post-it-notes, or everyone leaving you alone to study, space does really help to calm you down.
  • Take a Break – Whilst we do need to work and prepare ourselves for exams, this cannot be done without some me time. Even stopping work for 5 minutes and having a cup of tea can do a world of good and help relax the mind. My personal favourite, as I’m sure you all know, is a bubble bath. If you have spent all day reading, writing or researching, it is important to shut your eyes for a bit and treat your body with nice bath products.

Hopefully this should improve your work ethic and get you those results you want. Good luck everyone!

Megan x


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