2017 Blog Goals

As starting a New Year health cleanse today seems impossible as there is still a cupboard full of Christmas chocolate, I thought I would at least set my blog goals to make myself feel like I am doing something worthwhile.
We went on a family walk this morning at Beacon Hill Country Park, and being in such a beautiful place really allowed me to think about this year’s aims, but also to do some more photography.

As it is the New Year and I now have a camera, I have been taking lots of photos which make me think of a fresh start. The horizon, leaves and frost are just some examples. Not only do these test out my photography skills, but I really want to improve the visual aspects of my blog. After all, the first thing people see are featured images and titles.
However, I really want to develop my writing skills as well, because interesting content is the most important thing.
So, without further ado, here are my 2017 plans:

  • I endeavour to be organised. Scheduled blog posts and tweets here we come!
  • Actually try to maintain Instagram followers. I realised that I was only posting the odd image and not including enough tags, so from now on, I will be posting daily.
  • Will be doing 1 YouTube video a week. My hours at university are increasing slightly, but I also want to make sure that my videos are good. I’m figuring less videos, but better quality.
  • Pin 20 items a day. This is at the recommendation of Emmy’s Beauty Cave.
  • Will still be doing blog posts pretty much every other day. Of course, I will announce when this is not possible.
  • I am not setting myself any specific follower targets. Sometimes you can get to attached to stats, but I blog because I love it, not because I am obsessed with popularity.
  • Last, but certainly not least, continue to connect with all the amazing bloggers out there!

Megan x


  • dreamsofmineblog

    I have to say… There is still Christmas chocolates in my fridge too (oops) haha!
    I love reading yours goals, I find that they are realistic and I love how you are not setting any real pressure and you will admit if things are tough to complete.
    I also want to start getting into better photography for my blog, it just makes everything so pretty (like those photos you have posted of the beacon hill county park!)
    I hope you reach all the goals you have set for yourself! x

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