Goodbye 2016

I have read several posts on the new year over the past few days, that originally I was not going to do one. However, I do not know why, after 18 years on the planet, it has suddenly dawned on me that we only live each year once.

There will never again be a 2016 or a 2015 etc. so I feel it is important to reflect on the past 365 days (or was it a gap year?) and also look ahead to what 2017 may have to offer.


Time to look back

Sometimes it is hard to remember everything that has happened this year. It has been quite a crazy one!

The beginning was a bit of a wobble. Recovering from the major anxiety attack that was 2015 took time and January 2016 saw me slowly getting back to myself, going into school and applying to university.

When I received my offers from universities, it really boosted my confidence and made me think “Maybe I can do this”. Deciding what university to choose also distracted me from all anxiety/health related things, which was positive.

Of course, the stress was never truly going to disappear with A Levels looming. After working hard though, A Levels went pretty smoothly, and I got accepted into my first choice university.

The spring/summer was when I created the blog, originally known as Food, Fashion, France and now Megan Elizabeth Lifestyle. Although that meant I had to say goodbye to blogging with my gorgeous friend Charlii, it made sense as we would be studying at opposite ends of the country.

I can’t believe how much fun blogging solo could be though. I have had the most incredible journey and hope 2017 brings more blogging adventures. I have discovered so many talented bloggers and vloggers, and have really got to grips with social media and how to use it in the world of blogging. It is now a true passion of mine and I look forward to seeing my blogging experience unfold further.


Although the new year starts on Sunday, do not let it stop you from still making the most out of your 2016.

My new camera arrived this morning and I have been trying to find the inner photographer within me. I need to get in plenty of practice for 2017, which I hope to be a brilliant year for blogging.

I will be starting 2017 with a new blog theme to go with the new year, and to showcase some amazing photos and interesting posts.


A new year is a chance to turn over a new leaf and do something fantastic.

2017, let’s have an epic time.

Megan x


3 thoughts on “Goodbye 2016

  1. GiltsandGlamz says:

    I’ll be honest Megan, this is the first blog I’ve read today and I loved it 🙂 I’m really looking forward what you’ll bring forth in 2017 and also you ‘photography’ 🙂 that pic by the way is great. I’v been wanting to get a professional camera myself but been holding off hehe and I love photography. Last thing, I’ve also created a blog dedicated to the new year, make sure to check it out, it’s coming soon 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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