My Top 10 Christmas Food and Drink

Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of posting over the past couple of days, but I was not feeling too great so spent most of my time curled up on the sofa. How good was the Strictly final though?!
I would usually do a video today, but I felt in the mood to write and I am also going to see the new Star Wars later, so do not have time to film and upload!
I have not done a foodie post in a while and as it is Christmas, what better time than to talk food and drink! I will be giving you the run through of my Top 10 Favourite Christmas Food and Drink, to get you in the mood for a festive feast. Only one week to go now!

  1. Turkey

Deciding whether to count Christmas dinner as one point was hard, as there is something special when everything is combined together on the plate. However, there are just too many delicious items in a good old Christmas dinner that they have to be acknowledged in their own right.
Let’s start with the piece-de-resistance, turkey. For some odd reason, we can only have a proper roast turkey at Christmas, but I think it would be so much nicer if they were available all the time. Combined with cranberry sauce and stuffing, this does make for a fabulous annual treat!
2. Pigs in Blankets
Again, a once a year food even though the majority of the population absolutely adore sausages wrapped in bacon. Some may say they are the best part of Christmas dinner. I think it is a tough call, they are so yummy! Whilst I would love to eat them more often, they again are a lovely thing to look forward to and the taste seems much better if you have the power to wait.
3. Yorkshire Puddings
No matter what people might say, you cannot have a proper roast dinner without Yorkshire puddings. Get rid of this only with roast beef nonsense, for they are a Christmas dinner staple. Nothing better than a gravy soaked Yorkshire pudding!
4. Roast Potatoes
How on earth people can have mashed potato with their Christmas dinner I will never know. Roast potatoes are the Christmas carbohydrate and that’s the end of that. Cooked properly in goose or duck fat and they are heavenly.
5. Mince Pies
Whilst they may be an acquired taste, mince pies have to go on the list. I feel a lot of people say they do not like mince pies or Xmas pudding etc. without ever having tried them. I will admit I am one of those guilty people. However, I now love when I see the first mince pies in the supermarkets.
Although I will say that your standard mince pie is not my favourite. My mum makes these delicious Mary Berry Frangipane Mince Pies, which are just out of this world. I am saving myself until they come out of the freezer next weekend.
6. Chocolate Yule Log
Chocolate Yule Log
You may notice a few chocolate things creeping in the next five. Let’s face it, I am the biggest chocoholic and Christmas is full of chocolate. Think I will be attempting my own yule log this year!
7. Alcohol Free Drinks
Christmas can be hard if you are a no alcohol person like me, as the mulled wine and prosecco are out in full swing. However, there are several ways to drink something special. Try making your own punches with some fresh fruit and different cordials. We are also loving brands such as Bottle Green and Shloer, as they offer some ‘posh’ drinks that are non-alcoholic.
8. Hot Chocolate
Continuing the festive drinks, there is nothing more warming that a steaming mug of hot chocolate. To be honest, I am not a fan of cream or marshmallows, so I love a no fuss hot chocolate where you taste the actual liquid straight away instead of battling your way through a mound of cream and no doubt end up with a white moustache! This is the perfect winter warmer though.
9. Gingerbread
Gingerbread men
Whilst perhaps not a great favourite of mine, there is no denying the joy that these festive biscuits bring. Whether it is gazing in awe at giant gingerbread house, or getting stuck into some baking with the family, there are a lovely companion to a cup of tea.
10. Chocolate
My final food on the list is simply chocolate! Advent calendars and Christmas selection boxes mean that chocolate is unmissable throughout the season. Quite right too!
So there we have it. My Top 10 Christmas Food and Drink. Let me know what would be in your list!
Megan x


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