Here to announce a very exciting project which I have been planning for a while now!

I will be creating a Facebook group (maybe a Twitter page later on if I’m brave) called the Bloggers’ Photography Exchange.

Why is this you may ask? If you are a blogger like me, who is either still finding their blogging feet, can’t afford to buy a decent camera, or just do not know anyone who is willing to help you out with some blog photography, then this is the group for you.

The aim is to connect bloggers from around the country and if you find bloggers near you, you can meet up and help each other out with some photography. Not only will it be a great way to meet new friends, but hopefully you should end up with some amazing photos to put on your blog. This visual aspect of a blog is just as important as the content, so it is important to drawer viewers in with your pics. Even if you don’t have a camera, you could end up finding someone who does!

Of course, there are rules:

  • Once I have set up the Facebook page, you are welcome to send a join request
  • BUT it has to be clear from your profile that you are a blogger. I will not let random people in!
  • Of course, if I already know you from the world of blogging, then I will make an exception.
  • When joined, feel free to share social media and blog links
  • The main focus should be on finding photography friends and sharing pics though!

Let me know what you think of my new project, Facebook group will be made shortly. Would like to get some opinions first though!

Megan x



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