TV Review: Strictly Come Dancing Musicals Week

I have a sneaking suspicion that this is my first proper Strictly post on my blog! I may have mentioned my favourite TV programme in passing comments, but I thought what better than to review the extraordinary Musicals week that was this weekend. The show was full of spectacular surprises and made for a fantastic quarter final.

First of, I have got to give credit to the professional dancers. Their routines from West Side Story and Chicago were epic. The West Side Story number in particular really captured the essence of the musical, and it is always so fun to see dances build up from the slow jazz style to fast and furious flamenco. Plus, how sweet were Alijaz and Janette as Tony and Maria?!

Red, Skirts, Spanish, Shoes, Dance

Now, onto the main celebrity dances of the night. Everyone put their heart and soul into their dances as no one wanted to close the curtain on their Strictly experience.

To kick off the spectacle, Ore produced a swarve, sophisticated foxtrot to ‘Pure Imagination’ from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. That guy knows how to make a dance look cool, especially after his previous Paso Doble, which was so stylish.

Louise and Danny were excellent as ever, showing their brilliant dance ability with a fast Quickstep and Tango. I’m thinking those two definitely for the final!

Sadly, it was time to say goodbye to the entertaining Judge Rinder. His love for dancing is inspiring and him and Oksana clearly were a great couple. His energy and enthusiasm will be missed!

My very dance of the night by far though was Claudia and AJ’s Lion King themed Salsa. Even though they finally got their 10 from Bruno, they were still undermarked. Not only was the dance was full of content and excitement, but Claudia clearly just let her hair down and went for it. Super!


What will happen next week when the couples have to do 2 dances?!

Megan x


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