Fireworks and Festivities

I do apologise for my absence on the blog over the past week. I think I had hit my metaphorical brick wall in terms of work and writing, so spent the first half of the week in bed not being able to do anything! I am back though, and hope to catch up with everything!
During this time of the year, there are lots of celebrations going on. Halloween was on Monday, it is Bonfire Night tonight, and come on let’s be honest, everyone is already feeling Christmassy.
Last weekend and Monday saw the return of the spooky festival. The shops were filled with creepy confectionery and pumpkins, whilst after dark became a giant fancy dress party, with scary costumes and make up on display. However, how do you feel about Halloween? To be perfectly honest, I am not really too bothered about it. Maybe that is because I have never celebrated it, so do not get the hype that surrounds Halloween every year. Whilst everyone else was getting gored up and ready to party on Saturday night, I was settling down with a film and a cup of tea.  I have never been trick or treating and it seemed a bit ridiculous having to buy a bag of sweets to give to people you may not even know! Plus, it is dark and cold, and I would much rather be at home in the warm in my PJs! Let me know if you feel the same.
Bonfire Night
I have only just realised how much I love this festival! It had been ages since going to a proper firework display, but last night my mum and I went to the display at our local primary school. It’s amazing how something so simple can be so captivating and it is one of those rare moments when everyone is quiet and takes in the stunning visuals that are right in front of them. I was a little child all over again, oohing and ahhing over the pretty colours and shapes. Bonfire night also brings a lovely atmosphere. Last night, people were selling glow sticks and there was a big barbecue outside. Everyone gathered together to watch the fireworks and you truly felt part of a community. Obviously, we went to a display yesterday, so as not to miss Strictly tonight (another celebration in its own right)!
Some of you may hate me for already going on about Christmas, but who isn’t just a bit excited already?! After Halloween is over, Christmas starts. The shops are full of gifts, advent calendars are on sale, and my mum is making mince pies this afternoon! I am already counting down the days until roast turkey and pigs in blankets! Delicious! Of course, I am looking to forward to seeing all the family, watching facial expressions as people open their presents and playing obligatory Christmas game too! Nothing better than sitting in the lounge in cracker hats, feeling full to the brim and playing games.
Hope you like my insight to the festivals of the moment. Let me know which is your favourite!
Megan x

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