Visiting Saltaire

My lovely parents came and visited me this weekend, and on Sunday, we decided to explore Saltaire, a UNESCO World Heritage Site near Leeds. Saltaire is a model Victorian village, with the main focus being the Salt Mill, but the wonderful setting next to the river with the moors in the background is definitely worth coming for.
It took us about half an hour to drive there, although as Saltaire has its own station, the train from Leeds only takes about 15 minutes. I always find places like this surreal. It’s like you’re walking onto a film set, especially with Saltaire’s cobbled paths and tall buildings. I feel as if Sherlock Holmes could come walking around the corner at any second.

Salt Mill

The Salt Mill was at one point the largest factory in the world. And it is big! Although now, the impressive surroundings and stunning architecture make it a building to be admired. There’s a Mediterranean vibe, with the Italianate design and surrounding plants.
Art is the defining attraction in the Salt Mill. It holds many works by David Hockney, and there is a fantastic art shop on the ground floor, full to the brim with supplies to fulfil your creative heart.

The shopping is another great attraction. In addition to the art shop, the mill boasts the best book shop EVER with beautifully presented versions of every single book. The homeware shop is equally as impressive. If you have a love of Moomins, then this is the place for you. The homeware shop includes an impressive collection of Moomin crockery.
From inside the mill, you get an amazing view of outside, which really makes you understand the spectacle that is Saltaire.
Exploring outside, we found some more lovely buildings, including the church, Victoria Hall and other places that are now used as everyday work places. I recommend going there when an arts market is on, you’ll come back with some beautiful handmade crafts, from jewellery to bags and scarves.

Before it was time to go, I got my mum to take some pictures of me by the river. I had chosen my outfit carefully and the dark reds/purples were a lovely contrast against the stonework.
Saltaire is a fantastic place and I had a lovely time there. I hope this will make you want to go too!
Megan x


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