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Product review: Boutique of Molly

Excited about this project!
When Boutique of Molly (BOM) contacted me on Twitter about reviewing products, I snapped up the opportunity. It is always great to discover new brands and BOM is fantastic if you are a blogger, as they offer discounted prices for product reviews and then a free product if people buy from them off your link.
So, with no more waiting, here are my 3 products which I am reviewing:

  1. Leona Camisole

You may think, isn’t that for summer? Definitely not! This cami is perfect not matter what the season. Layered with a cardigan, this top will create a stylish, yet casual everyday outfit. Alternatively it would be perfect paired with a skirt and some glitzy jewellery for the ultimate girls’ night out.
I love how floaty the Leona cami is and the longer length on one side creates an ethereal look.
The subtle colours used in the abstract print makes this an unusual, and certainly stunning garment!
2. Brooke NYC Turn Up Sleeve T-Shirt
Want to know why I love this t-shirt, aside from the wicked print? It is so long! It seems to me that fashion at the moment is all about crop tops and bodycons, but for those of us who don’t have the body confidence, or just don’t like that style, I must say a huge thank you to BOM for this item. Especially as we are entering the colder months, I like to be able to stay warm and this is perfect for tucking in! May also make a very fashionable nightshirt?!
3. Moscow Purse

I’d been finding recently that my purse was bursting at the seams because I have a large of number of student cards, business cards etc. This Moscow purse is ideal for me as it stills fits in my relatively small handbags, but has a lot more space and sections to organise cards, cash etc.

Look at all those sections!!

The purse also comes with a detachable strap, therefore it is a brilliant companion on a night out when you don’t want to carrying around a massive handbag.
Thank you to Boutique of Molly for letting me do this product review. Hopefully the first of many more!
Megan x
P.S. Check out BOM’s social media sites!


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