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It is finally here!
Today, I got to interview Masterchef 2016 semi-finalist Liz Cottam for Lippy, the student magazine at Leeds. I hope to get my article finished soon, so that everyone can read the interview!
I visited Liz at The New Ellington Hotel where she is doing a guest chef residency and got to watch her doing a TV shoot for Made In Leeds before interviewing her myself.
First of, the hotel is gorgeous. Really modern and sophisticated, but not too big, so it felt very exclusive.

Being allowed into a professional kitchen was an amazing experience and made even better when I got to watch the Made In Leeds presenters cook one of Liz’s dishes.
The dish they made was fish pie with butter poached halibut, lobster bisque, smoked salmon mousse and creamed potatoes and I have to say the end results looked incredible!

Whilst Liz was being interviewed by the presenters, I went next door to the hotel for a tea break to finish working on interview questions. This was when I discovered Cielo!
York Place, which is where the hotel is, is probably one of the best culinary streets in Leeds that I have found. The New Ellington, Cielo, My Thai, Latin Bites and Miah’s Kitchen all inhabit this street!
Going back to interview Liz was fantastic. She gave me really detailed answers to use in my article and she is a lovely person!
Megan x
(P.S. coming up on blog this week will be Soap & Glory tour bus at uni and Northern Craft!)

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