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Cielo, Leeds

As part of my day today (you will find out about the main event soon), I decided to visit Cielo on York Place, to have a tea break (from the main event!)  and finish some work. Cielo is a coffee company in Leeds with a few different cafes located in the north.
I’m not a coffee drinker, but I think it was the coolest tea I have ever had!

I wanted to take the milk bottle back with me! Blueberry muffin was heaven!

Cielo have a few foodie items of interest, mainly cake, but also some paninis and salads as the café is located in a popular business area, so is great for a working lunch.
Leeds seems to have a lot of cake!

The little shop section in Cielo was intriguing, particularly a pink book about the best coffee and tea places in the north. That may have to be a future purchase!
Go to Cielo now and get awesome tea, coffee and cake for a very good price!
Megan x

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