Farmers’ Markets, Independent Shopping and Clinique: Another day in Leeds

Originally this weekend wasn’t going to be much except lying in bed with Freshers’ flu. However, following various Leeds-related pages on Facebook, I am always seeing various events pop up which just look unmissable. Briggate Farmers’ and Craft Market, as well as exploring the much-heard-of Corn Exchange fit the bill perfectly for a casual Sunday in the city.

This then ended up becoming a full day out after the amazing Em Sheldon tweeted about Clinique’s Pep Start event, but we will get to that later!

  1. Walking into Leeds is an adventure in itself

From my halls, the easiest way to get to the city centre is to walk. This does not take very long and there is something new to discover each time. Walking to the Corn Exchange means going across the whole city, so there were bound to be some places to see.


2. Arriving at the Corn Exchange and being forced to visit a bunch of amazing shops which being at student I can’t really afford!

I had been wondering on my many excursions into Leeds about the lack of independent or ‘widgy’ shops as my mum and I say. Today I found them in the Corn Exchange! The building is stunning and provides a breathtaking backdrop for the shops.


The best named restaurant in Leeds has to go to a hummus and pitta bar in the Corn Exchange called Humpit!

Some of my favourite shops here included:

  • Little Pink Wardrobe
  • Great Yorkshire Shop
  • Culture Vulture
  • Nautical Nice
  • Simcha Gallery
  • Summerhouse

Definitely the place to come birthday/Christmas presents (or a game of ping pong!)

3. Briggate Market

This market happens on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month. The food here looked amazing (notably a lot of cake!). I was in need of something quite hearty so I settled on a homemade sausage bap for lunch. It was awesome! I was good in that I held off on the cake, but I may not be so strong next time!

 A sneak peek at some of the produce!

4. Clinique Pep Start!

I have to say a huge thank you to Em Sheldon for advertising this event of Twitter, otherwise I would not have known about it!

It was lovely to meet Em and start connecting with bloggers. Hopefully, I can see her talk when she comes to uni in a few weeks!


Selfie time!



Clinique had a van set up on the street and it was ridiculously cool going inside!


I got to test new products in the Pep Start range and there was an opportunity to win the whole range. Sadly I didn’t, but I still got all these amazing freebies!



Megan x






















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