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Kirkstall Abbey Food Market

Hello again!
Let’s shuffle backwards a couple of days to Sunday, before the grey clouds and rain here in Leeds had kicked in.
Being my last day of freedom before lectures officially started, I wanted to do something enjoyable and interesting, but also relaxing at the same time. I had previously noticed that Kirkstall Abbey had a food market on the weekend and that entry was free, so I decided to hop on the bus up the Kirkstall Road and visit the abbey.
When I arrived, I knew I had made the right choice. The abbey is set in a beautiful park next to the river, and across the road is the Abbey House Museum, for those who want to learn more about the history.
The ruins themselves are an amazing attraction. The site is really big and there are lots of little archways and steps to explore.

I could only explore the ruins for so long though. The smell of food and the echoes of a brass band playing Let It Go, was all too intriguing.
There was a great variety of food and craft stalls to look around. Star Wars cushions and a Christmas stall appealed!

Lunchtime was going to be a challenge! How could I choose between Malaysian, Jamaican, Italian and all the other cuisines on offer?!
But then, the dilemma was solved! How could I not go to the Market Wraps Allotment van? With the most amazing trailer I have ever seen and selling homemade Yorkshire delights such as Yorkshire Pudding wraps, it was a must.
I decided to have BBQ pulled pork in my wrap as I felt the full on roast pork, apple sauce and stuffing was a bit too much for lunchtime! Nevertheless, the pulled pork was delicious and I thoroughly recommend Market Wraps.

It’s safe to say I was quite full after lunch! However, the amount of sweet goodies on offer was irresistible, especially The Yorkshire Chocolatier, so I did end up coming back with a little treat!

The Kirkstall Abbey Food Market runs on the last weekend of every month from March to November. Get down there next month before it’s too late! I recommend it!
Megan x


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