Exploring Leeds

Believe it or not, but today was the first proper chance I have had to explore Leeds.
The city centre is quite close to my halls, so I can walk into town quite easily.
The first place of intrigue I came to was Park Square, a lovely little spot set just off the main roads, surrounded by exquisite old buildings.

Another very impressive sight in Leeds is the town hall and art gallery. Sadly, there is a lot of work going into these places, but hopefully once everything is finished I will be able to get a better shot.
I would also recommend at this point having a nose into the Henry Moore Institute as it is free and there are certainly some interesting pieces to be found there.

Around the corner was another surprise. I stumbled across a gorgeous little craft fair selling all sorts of amazing things. I picked up a few business cards for future reference.

I then eventually got into the shops! Unfortunately I am not cut out for the life of the Victoria Quarter and Harvey Nichols, but it is worth having a look at the stunning architecture.

I am so glad that Leeds has a JOY. The clothes and gifts are brilliant and they have the best changing rooms by far!
Looking forward to more shopping at the Trinity Student Night!
Megan x

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