A few things that I’ve done in Leeds

Wow it feels like an age since I last blogged. I guess moving to university, getting used to a new city and meeting new people kind of takes it out of you!
I can’t believe I’ve been in Leeds for nearly a week, it is so surreal. One minute you are applying to uni, next minute you are there!
At the moment things have been going well. I have met some great people and am finally getting my head round walking to campus and working out how to use the online portal.
Hopefully as I start my course and settle into life here, I will soon get back to my regular blogging routine, but here are a few things I have been up to:

  • I have met a group of like-minded people who do not fancy the alcohol side of Freshers’ so we have seen each other a few times
  • I have signed myself up to about 6 societies but I know I won’t end up going to all of them.
  • I have had a few course induction talks to help us understand the admin side of our courses
  • One of the highlights so far has been the food crawl. We visited Terrace, CasaColombiana and Bundobust, all of which I would highly recommend!
  • I bought some posters from an amazing stall at uni for Freshers’ to decorate my room
  • Have officially met everyone doing French and Linguistics (there are only 5 of us!)
  • Hoping to go and see the new Bridget Jones tomorrow and am looking forward to the start of Strictly!
According to most people, this is the best tearoom in Leeds
Beautiful red-brick buildings on campus
I would have bought all the Friends posters if I had space!
The ones I decided on!

Megan x


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