Tea for One

Whilst I am excited to go to university, there has been one dilemma. How to have a proper cup of tea? You can’t bring a huge teapot as it is both impractical and a waste of tea. Added to the fact that a big teapot in a student flat could easily get broken and your flatmates may not like tea, the whole thing is just not feasible.

I used to think that there was no solution to such a problem. However, on a mini-break to Hampshire back in April, all issues were resolved. At the Buckler’s Hard café, I was presented my tea in a curious all-in-one teapot/cup for one person. I loved the idea, but since leaving Buckler’s Hard, these gorgeous ceramic creations are not easy to come by as I soon discovered. The couple that I did find were too expensive and one happened to be in France, making transportation back across the Channel very difficult.

My hopes were dashed at this point. Little did I know that come Results day, I would be given my very own tea-for-one set by my parents. At last! Who would have thought Debenhams sold them after all this time!

I originally decided to save it for university, but today seemed like the day to try it.

And of course, what better way to celebrate a new tea set (and indeed a new series of Bake Off) than with biscuits too! To dunk or not to dunk!

Megan x




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